Salt Crazy

January 28, 2015   ·   0 Comments

I have noticed that the over use of salt has become a habit in Orangeville and other communities.

Salt is a toxic substance and we are dumping massive amounts on schoolyards, sidewalks, parking lots and roads.

The toxic salt run off eventually makes its way to our water table. Salt is in our fresh water springs and will definitely increase over time.

Our ecosystem will definitely suffer from this uncontrolled use, dead trees along roadsides shows us this. Sensitive fish like Brook & Rainbow trout will suffer with this over use of salt.

Too much salt is being dumped on our sidewalks, coffee shops & bank entrances etc. In Europe they have heated sidewalks & entrances to shops & banks, etc. The start  up costs were not cheap but over time they have saved tons of money, no corrosive damage to buildings and labor & equipment costs have been eliminated.

Salt is needed in our climate but control, common sense, and education is needed to reduce this over use. A salt brine is sprayed on roads, it is more corrosive on our vehicles than salt, because it seeps into the cars electrical systems. I don’t think brine is as good as they say.

Remember salt is a toxic substance. Let’s start treating it that way, because we will definitely have more problems than snow if we don’t.

T. Brooker



A wonderful 

program, beautiful place

Last month I had a knee replacement.  Through an organization called “Bridging You Home”, I had the privilege of staying at the Lord Dufferin Centre to recuperate.   Wonderful program.  Beautiful place.

I received a warm welcome from the Owners, Dave & Donna Holwell.  My Nurse Patricia and Physiotherapist Susan both did a great job getting me up and around again.

The staff, helpers, cook and residents were all wonderful and willing to help. I had a really good time.

Thank you and wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a good 2015.

Mary Vandendam


An open letter to MP Tilson

I haven’t written in awhile but i have plenty on my mind due to recent world events.  Please permit me to opine on several topical issues and indulge my brevity.  But also let me be crystal clear.

I am 100% behind my Canadian government doing everything in its power to protect my family and all Canadian citizens.  I don’t know exactly what anti-terrorism measures you will offer on Friday in parliament, but i predict they will not go nearly far enough to placate my outrage.  Let Canada be a world leader.  Let us fight terrorism with every fibre of our collective souls.  For instance, why are we spending so much time and money trying to stop terrorists from leaving Canada?  That is completely backwards.  We should spend those precious resources stopping these Islamic terrorists from returning to Canada.  Revoke passports!  Do not be afraid!  Let the world know that Canada will not tolerate Muslim extremism.  Let us be unconditional and unrelenting!  I want to see police and armed forces and CSIS given every tool they need to fight this cowardly plague.  Spend more tax dollars in this regard and less on coddling serial offenders.

Please keep up the good fight to keep our allied, soldier-killer Khadr in jail forever.

Let life sentences be for life.  Bring in consecutive sentencing.  And grant victims more respect and power in sentencing lawbreaker/killers.

Bring in more and more and more tough, law-and-order, justice measures.  I am sick of bleeding-heart, amnesty-worshiping, civil rights weaklings railing against privacy concerns.  If you are a good citizen and have nothing to hide…Fear not.  I want every measure conceivable to listen in and intercept terrorist rants on social media.

Justin Trudeau.  My heart weeps for the future of my grandchildren if this spoiled, privileged, liberal, bleeding-heart, wimp-of-a-man ever becomes prime minister.  God forbid!  How dare he disrespect our troops!  How dare he insinuate that they should not defend themselves and fight back.  Dastardly!

I grieve, once again for a fallen RCMP officer.  What on earth does it say about our system of justice and law and order to allow his killer (and serial offender) to be walking amongst us?

And finally, what is this precept that we Canadians worship and call “freedom of speech”? Real freedom of speech certainly must include the right to insult Islam.  I am sick to death of welcoming, with open arms, to this greatest of all countries those who continue to abuse our largesse.

More action sir and the tougher the better!

Ian Fairley


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