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Columnist Lockhart is right to be concerned about Rusia’s Vladimir Putin and his expansive aims.
I sense that Ukraine’s suffering may be a red herring.  The Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (east to west) are also threatened by Russian incursion.  A study of the map of eastern Europe will reveal an “oblast” – Kaliningrad – nestled between Poland and Lithuania.  Kaliningrad belongs to Russia, per post-WW II allies agreement.  It includes the only ice-free Baltic port and a tongue of land stretching to within about 50 km of Belarus (another Russian “protectorate”).
If I were Pres Putin, I’d be eyeing that 50 km, pondering how best to join two areas of interest.  If that land gap became Russian, three Baltic state members of NATO – formerly Russian vassals – where Canada has troops would be isolated from the rest of NATO.  Hmmm.

Charles Hooker  

East Garafraxa

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