Response to letter re: Highway 413

May 27, 2021   ·   0 Comments


Regarding the statements made in the latest issue about Hwy 413.

The alternative to Hwy 413 already exists:  it is Hwy 407 without tolls.  It’s far longer, connects SW Ontario to SE Ontario, is farther south and can in future be extended in four lanes via Hwys 115, 7 and 417 to Ottawa, through non-Greenbelt territory. Simply remove the tolls.

Development should not occur in the Greenbelt, nor in the “White Belt” farmland near the GTHA that Mr McGuinty designated for growth.  Growth should be north of Lake Nipissing, where the land is largely unsuited for farming and developers have not yet acquired cheap purchase options.

Hwy 413 might reduce Hwy 9 congestion.  So would a toll-free Hwy 407.

Transport semi-trailers can be moved by rail, but rail shipping is better.

Hwy 413 is a local concern because it moves the development threat into Dufferin County, an agricultural community that should stay that way.

Do not regard growth as inevitable.  If it were, we would eventually pave over all Ontario farmland.  Someday, growth in Ontario must stop.

Charles Hooker 

East Garafraxa

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