Plan ahead when looking to buy real estate in Dufferin County

April 3, 2020   ·   0 Comments

By Brian Lockhart

The real estate market is always on the move.

Through boom times and recessions, someone is always buying or selling a home or residential property. 

Keeping on eye on trends, prices, and the current economy is an important part of determining when you should sell and when you should start looking for a property. 

Jerry Gould, broker and leader of the Gould Team at Remax Real Estate in Orangeville, specializes in real estate across Dufferin County and Peel. He is familiar with the market, the trends, and just about every neighbourhood in the region. 

“We cover Orangeville, Grand Valley, Shelburne, Mulmur, Amaranth, East Garafraxa, Mono, and Melancthon,” he said of the main areas where he and his team are experts in the local real estate market. “You can probably not mention an address that I haven’t been to. It’s our mandate to serve our clients well, so it’s good to know your market area.”

If you are thinking of selling, most people assume spring is the time to put your house on the market. However, you should be thinking ahead of the season.

“Everyone thinks the spring market is the best and most active market,” Mr. Gould explained. “It is an active market and very busy. However, in Dufferin County there is no real bad time to sell real estate. The spring market seems to be the most popular for a number of reasons. Anyone who is out to buy property in the spring market, chances are they have children who will be finishing school and will start at their new school in the fall. Also, it’s usually when the biggest selection of homes are on the market. People think the spring market starts in April, most times it’s well over by April. It usually really starts in January and early February.” 

The weather of course, can affect the market with things being delayed if it is an unusually harsh winter. 

While Orangeville has been a popular place for many people choosing to relocate over the past few years, currently there is high demand with fewer houses available.

“The Orangeville market right now is a low inventory market,” Mr. Gould explained. “It is very similar to what happened in 2017 were there was a shortage of inventory. One of the things that is different now is that the buyers are smarter. We’re getting lots of multiple offers right now, but rarely are we seeing multiple offers without conditions. They’re putting in financing clauses and things like that.”

The average home price in Orangeville is currently around $580,000. 

“The Orangeville market has always done well. Orangeville is the jewel of Dufferin County. It is has been popular for many years. Even when other centres aren’t doing well, Orangeville always seems to continue seeing an increase in prices and sales.”

Buying a home requires some thought before you take the plunge into the market.

Having a suitable down payment, and financing a home within your means is key. 

Some people get in over their head and suddenly find carrying a huge mortgage payment every month is a burden on their bank account and lifestyle.

Homes in Orangeville are still affordable for most people as long as you do your homework and plan ahead.

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