‘Pixie Properties’ fundraiser for Bethell Hospice hits $10,000 mark

April 25, 2024   ·   0 Comments

By Zachary Roman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

A Caledon woman has reached a major milestone in her charitable efforts. 

Peggy Dickey recently passed the $10,000 mark in funds raised for Bethell Hospice through sales of her “Pixie Properties”.

The properties are one-of-a-kind pieces of art that look like doors into the magical worlds in fairy tales and fantasy novels. Dickey makes them using recycled and found materials, and it’s become her favourite hobby. 

Her Pixie Properties sell for $20 each, though many people pay more since they know all of the money is going to Bethell Hospice, which provides free, compassionate, and respectful care for individuals facing a life-limiting illness and their families.

“This area has been so supportive,” said Dickey. “People in Inglewood really support Bethell Hospice… you see the facility and how nicely it’s kept, and the people there are so friendly and nice. Anyone who’s been touched by that place has so many good things to say about it.”

Dickey will be selling her art at the upcoming Hike for Bethell Hospice on May 5. She also plans to be at the Caledon Fair and Canada Day Strawberry festival.

Dickey creates her art at her home studio. Since her project has become more well-known, she said people have started to drop off items at her house for her to use in her work. For example, someone recently dropped off a bag of old jewelry, which has many uses in Dickey’s art. 

“I find a bag on my front porch every once in a while… jewelry and things like that,” she said. Dickey even got a bundle of cedar shims to use in her art donated to her from the Rona in Brampton, which has since closed down.

“I only buy the necessities, but that’s my contribution, that and the time — but it’s a hobby, I have fun with it,” said Dickey, who has no plans to stop any time soon. Since many generous people in her area have already purchased a Pixie Property, she’s looking to expand her selling area and let new people know all about her charitable project.

Anyone who is interested in buying a Pixie Property, or inviting Dickey to sell at an event, can reach out to her via email at the following address:

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