Orangeville’s council and UG school board candidates

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Sylvia Bradley

Sylvia Bradley, who has been a long-term resident of Orangeville, began her career as a Professional Human Resources Manager in the private sector, working for companies in aerospace, banking, plastics and automotive. She currently works as the owner, operator and manager of a rental property in Orangeville. She is a graduate of Sheridan College with a designation in Human Resources Management, and has served on council for the last 8 years, serving on over 10 town committees.

Why should residents elect you?

“Strong Financial Management: Reducing debt, building reserves, balanced budgets and long range financial planning.  I believe in the ‘pay as you go’ method for capital expenditures.

“Strong and Healthy Community: Our environment is like our health – without it we have nothing.  I will continue to plant trees, build gardens, educate and initiate new projects to increase walking/biking, food production, improve air quality, free recreation for all ages/abilities and develop a sustainability plan.

“Strong and Vibrant Economy: Orangeville is in competition with all other towns for these same jobs but we have advantages.  Our town has become a desirable location for employers and their employees.  Our quality of life, small town feel, amenities, recreation, arts and culture, and well maintained infrastructure is second to none.  We need to look at new and innovative industry such as medical marijuana production and continue to support tourism, which brings in $75 million into Dufferin and 1000-plus jobs.”

Alex Buchanan

Alexander Buchanan has been a part of the Orangeville area since childhood. He graduated from the Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology with honours, and has spent two years as the Dufferin County Paramedic Association Chair/Co-Founder and SEIU Union Steward at Headwaters Health Care Centre. He is currently an Advanced Care Paramedic with the Dufferin County Paramedic Service and a volunteer firefighter.

Why should residents elect you?

I’d like to tell you to vote for me because I have all the answers and because I’m going to tell you exactly what you want to hear, but that hasn’t worked very well for any of us the last four years.  Moreover, my integrity won’t allow me to do that.

I was raised in an environment where sugar-coating the truth did my patients and their families no good, and I expect that’s why I have a low tolerance for “Political Slight of Hand”, that practised art of telling you one thing and then doing another, all the while laying blame on everyone but yourself.

I am a team player not a finger-pointer, because I can admit when I’m wrong instead of laying blame, and because my core values don’t allow for any political shadow games or pandering.

I have nothing to lose by challenging the status quo, I have nothing to lose by telling the truth.  I want to earn that trust, and my question to you is, is there any thing more worth having?  Vote for passion, reason and accountability.

Gail Campbell

Gail Campbell has a longstanding history in Orangeville, and worked as a Registered Nurse in the ER at Orangeville’s hospital prior to retirement. She has lived here since 1969 with her husband, raising her two daughters here. She was first elected to Council in 1997 and has served on most boards and committees. She has a history of community service, including volunteering, as well as 15 years as a Public School Trustee for the Dufferin County Board of Education, and several years as a member of the Police Services Board.

Why should residents elect you?

I have served on Council for several years and I have been and remain an effective, contributing Councillor; enthusiastic, hardworking, honest and conscientious.  I listen well, respond to, and do my best to resolve residents’ concerns. I have served on almost every town committee, making me an experienced, effective decision maker.

I believe that what’s important is not how long you have been here, but what you do when you are here!

Our most important challenge is to spend our tax dollars wisely to make Orangeville the best we can afford!

I have the time, energy and knowledge to continue to bring new ideas and solutions to issues.

I will never accept “it’s always been like this” or “it can’t be done” as a reason not to try to improve a difficult situation.  I don’t give up during stressful times, and I see problems through to solution. I always stand by my words and actions.

Scott Craggs

Scott Craggs has lived as a resident of Orangeville for the past 20 years and has two sons. He has worked as the Operations Manager for the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) for the past 20 years.

He is a current member of the Nottawasaga Conservation Authority as a Flood Watch Communicator and the Dufferin County Emergency Management Team.

He has served as a captain of the volunteer firefighters in Orangeville for the past 12 years, as well as acted as the President of the Orangeville Volunteer Firefighters Association for five terms.

Why should residents elect you?

We need to look at what is important for Orangeville, and look seriously at where our tax dollars are being spent. Public Works, Police, Fire and Municipal Staff budgets are primary concerns, as are improving and maintaining infrastructure, growth and planning on the future at a rate that all residents can afford.

I have over 20 years’ experience working with municipalities, and I have sound knowledge in budgeting, capital management and capital projects. I know how to create change, and in order to facilitate growth we need to improve services and reduce costs.

Let’s make Orangeville fiscally responsible while maintaining our deep roots.

I care about our community and the people who live here. Change for change’s sake is not good enough reasoning to base your vote on.

Darrin Davidson

Darrin Davidson is a behaviour therapist and consultant whose strengths lay in strategic development. Over the last decade as a behavioural rehab therapist, he has worked with at-risk youth and adults in the field of acquired brain-injury. He has served a two-year term on the Board of Directors at Community Living Dufferin and is the current co-chair and founder of the Headwaters Acquired Brain Injury Group. He is community-minded and desires  Orangeville flourish both economically and as a community.

Why should residents elect you?

He says his focus will be to create business and social environments that will have direct positive benefit for families and seniors.

“Our town’s identity, jobs and the local economy remain our priority: I will lead to build a key downtown anchor store, a Parkade, and develop Mill St. with a Music/Theatre/Convention hall to support the Cultural Hub Orangeville will be known for.

“We will ‘Build on Our Strengths’ by courting OCAD University to help monetize our art scene. Orangeville will become a central hub for business and transportation in central Ontario, leveraging our geographical advantage amongst other competing towns.” He sees transportation, distribution and warehousing as the leading business sectors for growth over the long-term, which means many jobs.

Mr. Davidson says he will parlay his skill-set to bring in government officials and top business executives, so as to invest in our town. “We need to prepare, and we can’t do this with current council members. … You deserve a better Orangeville.”

Brad Fournier-Simoes

Brad Fournier-Simoes was born and raised in Orangeville, and has been a resident of the town for 22 years. He began his education at Credit Meadows and graduated from Westside Secondary School. As a student, he was involved in student politics and working towards the improvement of the student experience. He graduated with honours in Law & Security Administration: Customs and Immigration from Niagara College, then pursued his Bachelor of Social Science at the University of Ottawa. He also pursued a minor in Political Science and graduated this spring.

Why should residents elect you?

“It is time for change in Orangeville, so that we can grow and prosper into the town that we all know we want to be.  I want to work with the community and hear what they want to see and then bring those visions and concerns to council and get real results.

“We need to interact and find out what the youth in Orangeville need, and I believe that I can bridge the gap that exists now on council. We need accountability and transparency on council; no more hiding things until it is to late to change it. We need answers and we need them now. I have set realistic goals for myself.

“Do you want to see the same people make the same mistakes and business as usual, or is it time for change – to break free and move forward? On October 27, 2014, you be the judge – the verdict is up to YOU!

Nick Garisto

Nick Garisto has been a business owner and hairstylist in Orangeville for over 43 years, and has lived here for the last 33 years with his wife Maria. They have four children, six grandchildren and another on the way. In the past, he served on council in the Town of Orangeville 1994-2003, serving six years as councillor and three years as Deputy Mayor. He has been a minor soccer league coach and served on various committees within the Town. He regularly attends council meetings and often voices his concerns at meetings.

Why should residents elect you?

I am proud to call Orangeville my home.  To serve as your councillor would be a privilege and an honour. Serious, hardworking, experienced, committed and accountable are just some of my traits I can bring to council.

What I would like to see over these next four years is a more open government, controlled taxation, maintenance of our business relationships and expansion of our industrial opportunities, ensuring safety within the town, and engaging in additional recreation possibilities with local interest groups and service clubs.

I have already been working for you by attending many council meetings to voice concerns I have heard from residents, especially young families and seniors on a fixed income.  I would like to continue to work for you as councillor over the next four years to implement action plans to relieve these concerns.

Don Kidd

Don Kidd has been a resident of Orangeville his whole life. He is a graduate of O.D.S.S, and retired from his work at Chrysler Canada Brampton Assembly in December 2008. He is a member of the Mayor’s Senior Advisory Committee, The Orangeville Legion and the Seniors Centre. He has attended and spoke at council meetings for the past 9 years, as well as attended numerous committee meetings.

Why should residents elect you?

Taxes have increased the last five years by 5.6 per cent and if not for uploading waste to county it would have been 7.7 per cent. Council compensation costs have almost doubled in five years from $133,812 to $260,645. Police Service spending is out of control. Increased water and sewer costs cause more hardship on residents. There were five plant closures in last term of office. I have spoken against these items.

I attend all Council meetings, I attend all County Council meetings, I attend all Budget meetings, and I attend Council Renumeration meetings. I fight for the rights of citizens!

Taxpayers in Orangeville need a strong voice on Council! Don Kidd has been that voice at Council meetings for nine years without a vote for you. Don Kidd has worked nine years for the citizens of Orangeville.

Don Kidd needs you to work nine minutes on October 27th. Don Kidd gets nine minutes out of you to vote and he will work four more years for you!

Frank Nagy

Frank Robert Nagy is a current employee of First Student in Orangeville and works for them as a Location Safety Manager.

He was raised in Toronto, and moved to Kenora, Ontario, with his wife, Ruth in the 1980s.

Following the births of their children, they made the decision to move closer to their own parents, leading them to settle in the town of Orangeville.

They wanted to raise their children in Orangeville with the hopes that they would also settle in the town once grown.

Why should residents elect you?

Keeping our children settled in Orangeville has been a problem because they are unable to find full time work.

The part-time work that is available does not afford young adults the opportunity to move out of our home to find a place of their own. Those are two of the reasons I have decided to run in this election.

I believe that we need to solicit industry to come to our town so that our children, who have been raised in a great community, are able to find full time work and have the ability to start their own families.

Having industry in town may also ease the burden on the amount of taxes that we are paying.

This may help our town grow so that our future residents can enjoy what we love about Orangeville.

Lisa Post

Lisa Post is a wife and mother, and has lived in Orangeville for the past 22 years. She attended high school at ODSS, and she and her husband decided to remain in Orangeville to raise their two kids because of their love of the town. She currently works as a Retail Manager at Lenscrafters. In August, she created and organized QUEST MusicFest, a fundraiser at Alexandra Park to raise money for cancer research.

Why should residents elect you?

I am an average citizen. My husband and I work hard to raise our family on a middle income and we accomplish this by being strict in adhering to our family’s budget. We have learned over the years how to spend less and do more. This is the quality that I will represent most for our town. With smarter spending, Orangeville could be great. With smarter spending, the residents of Orangeville could see their tax dollars harder at work.

Secondly, there is currently a significant disconnect between the elected officials, the police services and the residents of Orangeville. We need to bridge the communication gap and work towards more community unity.

By eliminating that disconnect, we can truly be one team working towards one dream and that dream is a better Orangeville.

I bring ethics, integrity and most importantly accountability to the table, and I am ready to be the voice of our citizens on council. Come out on October 27th and vote for positive change in Orangeville.

Debbie Sherwood

Debbie Sherwood is a Certified Municipal Tax Professional who has worked over 31 years in municipal government. She has lived in Orangeville for 35 years, is the mother of three children, and grandmother of two grandsons, all born and raised locally.  She is a member of the Ontario Municipal Tax Revenue Association, as well as a Faculty Member for Seneca College as a mentor/marker for the Municipal Tax Administration program. Previously, she worked for the Town of Orangeville for 30 years.

Why should residents elect you?

“It is time for change. I believe there is a need for accountability, transparency and fiscal responsibility. My experience in the municipal field will help the newly elected council in being good stewards of the public purse.

“I have attended and contributed to many Council meetings and am familiar with the issues in our community.  I know that improvements need to be made. A council that listens to its constituents will create policy that put good ideas in motion.

“I have ideas about growth, the needs for our seniors and youth and future of our town and would like to explore them with my fellow councillors when elected. We need to lobby for new business and retain the businesses we have to reduce the residential tax burden. Ensuring a balanced budget and controlling the level of debt and planning for the future will be my priority.

“I can contribute to Council and make a difference. I will be YOUR voice on Council.”

Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson has been a resident of Orangeville since moving here with his family from Scarborough in 1989. He is a Sales Representative with RE/MAX, and has been involved in many community organizations over the years, including hockey teams, soccer, leading a church youth group and joining multiple committees. In 2009 he acted as the Building Administrator for the construction of The Centre Fellowship Church on Hansen, and currently volunteers as Treasurer with the Orangeville Gideon Camp. He believes in community involvement and working towards helping keep Orangeville a safe and affordable place to live.

Why should residents elect you?

If given the opportunity to sit on Council, I pledge to be respectful and vigilant with your tax dollars, to work for you, and to be open and accountable, but to also make the tough decisions when necessary. I strongly believe that it’s time to refocus our town’s people and resources. I can bring a fresh and different perspective to this team.

The residents and businesses of Orangeville need more Council members speaking out for them and, if elected, I will be that voice.

I believe that my experience and life lessons qualify me for this job. I have worked my whole life in the private sector, with 25 years in management. I have proven in my past jobs that I can work within a budget and finish the task on target. I am a man of my word and if you trust your vote to me I will not let you down.

Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson was raised in Orangeville and grew up living in downtown Orangeville, in an apartment above what was then the Orangeville Dairy. He is a graduate of ODSS, and attended university in both London and Kingston. He began his career in municipal government with Peel Region, and after 12 years as CAO of Dufferin County, Scott began work for the County of Wellington, where he has been since 1998. He currently lives in Orangeville’s west end with his partner, Christine.

Why should residents elect you?

“I have a vision for how the Town should be developing, and my experience in municipal government helps me to know how to achieve it. I want to see Orangeville’s 150-year-old character and charm preserved, because I grew up in Orangeville have always called it home.

“For our children to feel the same way, and to be able to find social and economic opportunities here, Orange-ville needs to prosper and develop as a regional centre for employment.

“To do this, we need to take advantage of our excellent amenities – sports fields and arenas, theatre, library, hospital, etc, to attract good, stable businesses which will provide employment and help reduce the property tax burden on the residential sector. To be a complete community, we will have to continue to address the needs of our seniors, and make sure retirement in Orangeville is fulfilling, healthy and affordable. I hope to continue toward this vision of Orangeville as part of Council over the next term.”

Margo Young

Margo Young is an Interior Decorator and business owner of Genesis Interiors and Home Décor. She has been a resident of Orangeville long-term and loves the town greatly. Her work experience, as well as being a business owner on Broadway have led to her desire to see positive changes in Orangeville.

Why should residents elect you?

Margo listens.  Margo acts. Margo is connected! Margo would like to set up a ‘TEAM ORANGEVILLE PACKAGE’ to draw companies to the area, providing employment and offsetting high residential property taxes. We have infrastructure and opportunities, especially in the agricultural sector.

There needs to be streamlining of spending practices and a renewed relationship building with the Orangeville Police service as top level priorities.

She has volunteered with The Door Youth Drop-In centre and Choices Youth Shelter and supports many other community organizations and projects.

Her professional experience across a spectrum of industries and as HR manager/Consultant in corporate financial, provincial government, and running her own business gives Margo an advantage. This has refined her skills to approach a problem and strategize solutions for success.  As Assistant to the former MP, she worked on local and global issues affecting local citizens and the agricultural sector.

She says that she never gives up and is very resourceful in finding the positive way out of a problem.

UG School Board

Barb White

Barb White and her husband Don moved to Orangeville 11 years ago to start their family. They chose Orangeville because they loved the small town feel with the benefits of having all the amenities. She is a stay-at-home mom and is highly involved in the school classrooms and on school council, and spends a great deal of time volunteering within the community.

Why run for School Board Trustee?

“I was drawn to the position mainly due to the fact that I value children, families, educators and a good education. I’m a people person who loves connecting with others and desire to see better communication in all areas of our education system. I see the role of trustee as one that would allow me to use my strengths in leadership, communication, creativity and school involvement to ensure that the voice of Orangeville is heard at the board level. I also love a good challenge.”

Why should residents elect you?

“I have a deep passion to be part of making sure the students of our community receive the best education possible. I bring to the role years of leadership experience, a strong education background and a vision for how the community can be better participants within our schools. I am a team player and value everyone’s voice in the discussion of issues that pertaining to our children’s education. I have a heart for children, families, educators and how our community can invest into their lives to help ensure a great educational experience for everyone.”

Anita Wright

Anita Wright and her family are residents of Orangeville and Dufferin County. Both Ms. Wright and her husband work in the community and their daughters attend school in the local School board.

She has been self-employed as a crisis support worker for the Dufferin/Caledon Victim Service for the last nine years. She is a volunteer with the theatre Theatre Orangeville Youth Singers choir and a joint school council member and Parent Involvement Committee member.

Why run for School Board Trustee?

“I feel there are several issues facing our youth today. We need to raise awareness on safety issues and remain on top of current threats, so that we may all have peace of mind that we are doing what we can to educate our youth in today’s ever-evolving technology.”

Why should residents elect you?

“I would be proud to represent you and your family as a Public School Board Trustee. I want to improve and strengthen our children’s mental health.

“I want to work towards creating and coordinating methods that will assist parents in having the choice and the tools to become empowered guardians.

“Because I am self-employed I have the flexibility and drive to be an effective school board trustee. We must continue to work hard to maintain the trust that parents and guardians have placed in us to foster the academic and social growth of our children.”

For more information you can visit her website at

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