Orangeville Vision Development Centre offers more services at new location

October 27, 2022   ·   0 Comments

By Brian Lockhart

The Orangeville Vision Development Centre has moved to a new location on Broadway and now offers even more on-site specialty services to the community.

Many vision problems are caused by accidents and injuries that affect the brain or other issues that affect a person’s sight. The Vision Development Centre uses techniques and therapy to help correct these issues.

“We can work with learning related vision problems,” explained Doctor of Optometry, with a special focus on neuro vision rehabilitation, Brij Patel. “For example, kids who are losing their place while reading or having headaches. There is vision therapy for people who have had concussions or kids who are having difficulty in school due to their vision – the eye is unable to track or they are seeing double. For people with concussions, they could be light sensitive, could be seeing double, or could have a lot of eye strain – we can improve all of those symptoms. When we see a patient here we do a binocular vision perceptual skills assessment. We evaluate a how person’s perceptual skills are, how their visual memory is, their ability to process all the information entering their eyes, and how their hand-eye coordination is. There are 17 visual skills that we test. I’ll check how the eye is tracking, eye coordination, how the depth perception is and how well they are focusing. There are multiple skills that we access. Based on all of that, we can find out if a patient needs a certain pair of glasses with prisms or tints or vision therapy or any other treatment.”

There are a variety of techniques used to help train eyes to see properly. Dr. Patel treats many different vision problems such as ‘lazy eye’ and helps people gain control over their vision.

The new location is larger and is now able to offer more services on-site. Previously, patients had to go to other locations for some services.

“In this new location we are doing more services,” Dr. Patel explained. “We are doing all the vision therapy but we are also doing primary care. We have invested in the latest technology such as an ultrasound machine to check for glaucoma and macular degeneration – to take photos of the back of the eye – and a visual field machine to check peripheral vision. We provide primary eye-care services like routine eye exams.”

The Centre also works on myopia control to help reduce the progression of nearsightedness in children.  

Dr. Patel said that there is a noted increase in vision problems, specifically with near-sightedness, in younger kids. This is a result of the common use of tablets, computers, and other devices, both in school and at home, that have many youngsters always focusing on objects that are only a few inches away. He encourages outdoor activity to help control this growing problem.

The Orangeville Vision Development Centre’s new location is at 310 Broadway, Orangeville.

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