Orangeville noise bylaw will address modified mufflers

December 14, 2023   ·   0 Comments


Deputy Mayor Todd Taylor wants modified mufflers on vehicles to be addressed in the town’s new noise bylaw.

Late-night rackets from those souped-up vehicles have been a complaint of residents for some time.

Taylor said it’s been an ongoing issue. The current bylaw, that was adopted in 1996, doesn’t pointedly address noise created by modified mufflers.

Given the bylaw’s age, steps were taken to update the current legislation.

Municipal staff were asked in December 2022 to review the town’s noise bylaw. 

Staff considered a number of issues during the development of the proposed amended noise bylaw.

Staff ensured an administrative framework that creates regulations to control and prevent noise disturbances, a consistent approach with the regulations set out in the town’s regulatory bylaws, and a comprehensive review of best practices of surrounding municipalities’ noise bylaws and relevant legislation such as the Municipal Act and Highway Traffic Act. 

As part of the bylaw review process, staff incorporated a clause to enable bylaw enforcement officers the ability to address vehicle-related noise concerns on private property.

But any noise violations such as squealing of tires, racing, engine and muffler noise from motor vehicles on a highway are police matters and should be addressed under the Highway Traffic Act.

The proposed noise bylaw aims to strike a balance between respecting property owners’ rights and ensuring that the town continues to be a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable community for all residents.

“I would’ve preferred and would hope … that modified mufflers were specifically called out here in a very loud fashion because they’re also loud,” Taylor said. “I just don’t see it here in the way that I thought I would see it.”

Chris Moore, the town’s acting general manager of corporate services, said there’s no intention to be covert.

“We could be specific,” he said, and added that particular mention of modified mufflers could be included to modernize the bylaw.

Taylor said a “loud citizens group” initiated the call for change to the noise bylaw.

“For us to not have some sort of line like that, very specific, would be a failure on our part,” Taylor said. “I appreciate you taking a look at that.”

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