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Orangeville Music Theatre presents ‘High School Musical’ and ‘We will Rock You!’

June 7, 2024   ·   0 Comments

By Constance Scrafield

The two casts of Orangeville Music Theatre (OMT) are rehearsing two shows: High School Musical for the junior production, great songs and basketball action. This show runs over the weekend of June 7 to 9 at the Opera House.

The older cast plan to wow audiences with We Will Rock You! Coming to the Opera House for the two weekends of June 14 to 22.

In brief, High School Musical circles around Troy, a basketball star at his high school and Gabriella, who is all about her academic life at school. They meet while singing karaoke at a party during a winter vacation. When Troy returns to school, he learns Gabriella is new to his school and they become friends. Adolescent jealousy erupts from other students over who will perform in the upcoming musical at the high school, which creates tension and great songs.

The cast for this production range from seven to 16 years. 

Director for the first time, Jeff Bursey told the Citizen this is his sixth play since being involved with OMT productions and he was happy to see new cast members this year, whose families have moved from Aurora; and another from Kitchener.

His comment, “When they keep coming, you must be doing something right.”

It was his daughter’s interest in theatre at 5 years old that brought Mr. Bursey to OMT. He helped out over the years as assistant stage manager and then stage manager. His daughter is 12 years old now and this is her ninth show.

“Be sure to see this show,” he said, “for different types of experience with High School Musical, a feel-good story with lots of action and surprises.”

The cast numbers 26 members who “really bring the show to life, beyond what you can imagine,” Mr. Bursey promised.

Jamie Connelly is the director for OMT’s production of We Will Rock You!, the famous Queen musical. Book by Ben Elton. Ms. Connelly said she has been on OMT’s Board of Directors for six years and volunteering for 10 years. This is her second time directing.

“The cast is incredible,” she praised them. “We do have a lot of kids that train here in town, in different music programs. The cast are ages from 14 to might be over 50.”

As a director, she has found the show challenging; the plot is weird and the songs are difficult because, “well, they are Queen songs.”

“But it’s very funny,” she assured us. “The cast are having so much fun, a cast of about 25.”

Three hundred years into the future, Earth is ruled absolutely by Killer Queen, head of Globalsoft Corporation. She forbids the creation of any music not made by computers. Yet, rebels and their pals the Bohemians are searching for Rock’s Holy Grail – the Brian May guitar! But there are villains set to stop them.

After being involved with OMT for many years, explaining her own continued enthusiasm, “I started with my son, who is still there. Just the bond of the family and group, that bond for the audience and the cast. People will be hard pressed not to be singing and dancing in their seats. For a small town and then the community theatre, this community is there”

A 100 per cent volunteer-run organization, OMT is coming up for 50 years.

Ms. Connelly smiled over the phone, “This show is fun. You’re going to get involved in the story. You ‘ll stomp your feet and throw your hands up in the air. It’s great for all ages.”

We Will Rock You is on at the Opera House over the two weekends from June 14 to June 22. For details and tickets to both shows go to

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