Orangeville Chrysler opens brand new drive-thru facility

September 18, 2020   ·   0 Comments

By Brian Lockhart

Taking your vehicle in for service at Orangeville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat just became a lot easier and a whole lot more comfortable.

The Orangeville dealership has opened the brand new service drive-thru area on the east side of the Highway 9 showroom.

When you bring your car in for service, you can drive right into the building and meet with a customer service advisor.

The new drive-thru area is heated and has a heated floor for the winter season. It is spacious and allows for three lanes of automobiles to be parked before being driven into the service bay area.

“This is our service drive-thru,” explained Fixed Operations Manager, Randy Ellsworth. “Customers can approach the doors that will automatically open. They can proceed to drive straight in and at that point the service writer will greet them. They do a walk around the vehicle and they can write up the service order right in their office. At the point, if the car is ready to go into the shop, it can go through a service door to a service bay for a technician to work on. This really speeds up the process and it’s a more suitable environment for exchanging vehicles and doing data entry. It keeps you out of the elements. It’s more ideal for a customer experience. Once you’re inside the whole experience is seamless. Our service is appointment based, however we just started our quick-lube and that doesn’t require an appointment. You can approach the far door and we will get you in right away. The floor here is heated with radiant heat so during the winter it will melt all the snow and slush off of the vehicles.”

Orangeville Chrysler has undergone a rather amazing transition over the past few years.

The entire showroom has been rebuilt, the exterior facade re-done, and new administrative offices opened on the second floor.

The entire project has been the result for forward thinking by Dealer Principal, Danny Brackett.

“This is phase two of this project,” explained Orangeville Chrysler Business Relations Manager, David Murphy. “Phase one was the showroom and the parts department. Phase two included the drive-thru and the shop extension.”

The expansion added three new bays to the service department, including an 18,000 pound hoist that can lift larger tucks. That means there are now 18 service bays in the shop.

The dealership has also installed two electric chargers to get ready for the new Pacifica Hybrid and Jeep 4XE.

The drive-thru service is now up and running for customers to bring in their vehicles for an all new, convenient and comfortable experience.

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