Orangeville Canadian Tire under new management with new ideas

April 28, 2022   ·   0 Comments

By Brian Lockhart

The Orangeville Canadian Tire store is under new management and with that change, you should see some exciting new features at many people’s go-to place for auto parts, hardware, sporting goods, housewares, and garden supplies.

New store owner, Bill Lisowsky, made his way to Orangeville after spending the last few years running the Canadian Tire store in Timmins.

The previous store own retired after spending 20 years at the Orangeville location.

When new management takes over, there’s a new set of eyes looking over the entire operation and that usually means changes will follow. While the store has always been vibrant and well managed with plenty of inventory and a good staff, Mr. Lisowksy said he will bring a fresh new approach to managing the operation.

“Coming to a store that has had the same management for 20 years, for me there’s a different perspective of running the business,” Mr. Lisowsky said. “We’re going to be adding more product and more consistency with items in the flyer. We’ll be adding more linear shelving and making sure it’s fuller and the assortment is expanded. We’ll also be boosting up the garden centre. We’ve always had a very good garden centre but there’s the opportunity to improve that and bring in more selection. There will be some internal initiatives that will make the whole process better.”

The store will also be expanding its on-line capabilities by adding e-commerce lockers.

“When ordering on line in the past, you would get a confirmation that your order is ready and you could pick it up at the staging area,” Mr. Lisowsky explained. “With the new e-commerce system, you will get a confirmation that your order is ready and be given a code. You can come to the store and got to the locker and type in the code, and there’s the item you ordered. You’re not waiting for anybody to serve you.”

The idea of e-commerce lockers grew out of the curbside pickup that many people took advantage of during the pandemic. Many customers liked ordering on-line and picking their goods. Now they can still do the same process but avoid waiting in line or looking for a store associate.

Mr. Lisowsky said he really likes Orangeville and is planning on being here for a long time.

“One of the reasons I chose to come to Orangeville is because there is a strong sense of community here. We want to be involved in the community and keep up the trust and loyalty. The staff that we have here are wonderful – they’re all very helpful and interested in learning new ways and processes that make their job more efficient. We want to make this a preferred destination. Orangeville has been very welcoming and we are definitely enjoying the community. We’re working hard but also having a good time here. I’m looking at this as my long-term home.”

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