Open letter to Premier Doug Ford

March 18, 2021   ·   0 Comments

Who is your government listening to when your people tell you they don’t need another under-used highway?

Are there contacts with their hands out for that $6 billion, likely to be $10 billion upon completion, signalling you to ignore your people?

Why then carry on against responsible living, common sense, environmental protection, and research that say your people can live without 50 more kilometers, 2000 acres, of farmlands and neighbouring areas destroyed, and your creation of destructive short-term jobs by permanent destruction of green belts?

Are you counting on the silence/inaction of the majority?

Are you so sure accountability will evade you?

Are you just following politicians who have made reckless, short-sighted, self-serving decisions and escape to private bliss with no penalty?

Are you so full of disrespect for your people?

Did you somehow conclude that your people are not as smart, worthy or sophisticated and therefore can be some sort of “collateral damage”?

Why then, oh why, premier, do you want to stick them with another highway they so sharply reject?

Are you getting in the way of their protecting precious farm lands and surrounding areas of great value?

Premier Ford, if you support destruction of farm lands, wouldn’t you and your loved ones, and the elites, eat even if you have to pay $500 for a single hamburger? 

Are you not remembering past politicians so defamed for the mess they left their people?

Is it because once politicians touch that political gold throne they will waltz off to “happily ever after” back clapping all the way to other gold thrones?

Premier, are you part of the rush to hastily fill certain pockets with money while having the “might and power” to do so and to hell with the people, and their abused planet?

Do you have regard for the might and power of mother earth?

You always “God Bless” your people at the end of press conferences. Do you have respect for the power of God?

Are you feeling so secured that you and those you love will be long gone before the earth erupts worse than she has ever done before, making covid-19 look like a fly on the head?

Are you one that would have laughed at Noah and his ark asking where will the water come from?

Are you of the “sophisticated class” asking “What climate disaster? What fires? Where will the fires come from? Aren’t fires, floods, volcanoes, hurricanes, famines normal?”

Are you one asking “Why not take all we can now? Why leave any for future generations we don’t know?”

Do your people have enough monster homes, bottled water, perfume, jewellery, water/skin/clothes softener, “perfect” toxic grass, chemical “beauty” and other foolish luxuries?

What do your people need so urgently 30 seconds faster? more hair dye? wigs? braids? false beauty painted, stained and glued on their bodies? tobacco? cannabis? More food for this over-eating nation? More dumping of perfectly good food and merchandize in landfill sites?

Are you santa giving them what they don’t want and paying with their money and not giving them what they want e.g. clean environment?

If you don’t discourage, are you then encouraging greed, insatiability and wastefulness?

When is it, and how much is, enough for your people, premier Ford?

How would it be if you were to be remembered as the covid-19 “saviour” in March and April and perhaps onwards, and then the environmental “destroyer” premier Doug Ford?

Tell me please. I so want to know.

Gloria Ramnath


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