New Mayor of Mono selected following Laura Ryan’s resignation

September 9, 2021   ·   0 Comments

By Peter Richardson

With the sudden resignation of Mono Mayor Laura Ryan, after nearly 30 years of public service, Council called a special meeting last Friday (Sept. 3) to decide how best to fill her vacant seat.

Following deliberations, Council decided to appoint a replacement as opposed to calling a by-election, noting there will be a Municipal Election in roughly one year.

Council voted unanimously to appoint Deputy Mayor Creelman as Mayor for the remainder of the current term and appointed Councillor Fred Nix to the Deputy Mayor’s seat.

As for the councillor seat left vacant by Nix becoming Deputy Mayor, Mono Council will receive nominations from eligible candidates over the next month. Those wishing to apply have until 2 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 7 to submit their nomination package to the Town Clerk. Full details on how to apply will be posted to the Town of Mono’s website in the coming days. 

A Special Meeting will be held on Oct. 19 to make an appointment from those who submit nominations, after Council reviews their submissions and hears their presentations.

Had Council opted for the by-election, the cost to the Town would have been $35,000.

Councillor Nix was quick to voice his objection to the by-election, noting that it was too expensive and a new councillor needs to be onboarded by October, at which time budget discussions commence.

He said that since Council would be governed by the new budget, it was important that the new councillor be part of approving it.

Councillor Ralph Manktelow said he agreed, adding that it’s too late in the current term of Council to consider a by-election, so he supported the route Council is currently taking, which involves selecting a new councillor from a list of new applicants.

Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor Creelman’s nomination for the mayor position came from Councillor Nix and it was unanimously supported by councillors, making him the new mayor of Mono.

Mono Mayor is a position that Creelman held from 1997 to 2003, at which time he was replaced by Laura Ryan, as he had resigned to become a Regional Senior Justice of the Peace with the Ontario Court of Justice.  

The reason for Ryan’s resignation from Mono Council was because she sold her family property in Mono and to sit on Council you have to live in the municipality.

The sale has been cause for many changes in Ryan’s life. She looked all over Mono for a place to rent, but was unable to find one and so she rented a home in East Garafraxa and moved her business, Laura’s Luscious Desserts to Orangeville.

The business, known in the region for its pies, was the location of our interview, where between making pies, Ryan expounded on her future plans, her life in politics and the outlook for the business. The latter, she hopes to transfer to her niece in the future.

Ryan is a member of the renowned Needles family, who are exceedingly well known in the arts community. Her brother, who also lives in the area, writes a regular column for In the Hills magazine, but he is probably best known for his plays about life in fictitious Persephone Township, on Wingfield Farm. The other members of the family are all in the arts, except for Ryan, the pie lady.

The future holds a number of things for the ex-mayor, she will travel and visit PEI shortly and said she plans to dabble in pickling and preserves along with her pie business.

When the dust settles, Ryan told the Citizen she will look for a permanent home, hopefully here in Dufferin County.

She looks back fondly on her time in Mono as Mayor, but does not regret her resignation. Ryan said she feels it was time to move on and wishes the remaining Council members well as they approach the coming municipal year in 2022.

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