New juice bar’s owner hopes for more positive lifestyles

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When it comes to pursuing a healthier lifestyle, it becomes about more than just getting the right amount of activity or eating the right sized portions of food, but rather creating an overhaul of your entire lifestyle to help reap the best benefits for your body and your life. It’s no secret that the healthier you are, the more it helps prevent potential health problems that can be caused by the wrong foods, being overweight, or being inactive.

Sharing that positive lifestyle is something that Gabrielle Tyndall, owner of Orange-ville’s newest juice bar, Fuel For Life, hopes to bring to the community.

“A lot of times, when people decide to get healthy, they focus on the things they can’t have, or the things that aren’t healthy for them,” explained Ms. Tyndall. “I’ve found the more nutritious and healthy things I’m putting into my body, the less I’m craving the bad. So if people can stop focusing on what they have to get rid of, and instead focus on adding more healthy options each day, it’s going to become a much easier process for them.”

Fuel For Life, situated inside the main entrance at Headwaters Racquet Club on West Broadway at Riddell Rd., is more than just a juice bar, but a place for healthy alternatives and education. Along with a variety of incredible, interesting and healthy juices, there are also smoothies, sandwiches and salad options, and Ms. Tyndall will also be hosting workshops, both for kids and adults, to help learn about healthy eating and the benefits of some of the healthier alternatives.

“When it comes to the kids, I know through my own kids, they’re more likely to eat something if they’ve made it themselves, even if it’s something they might not normally eat,” said Ms. Tyndall.

“These workshops will allow the kids to pick their own items for their juice, smoothies or salads, and help make it. They get excited about it that way and are more likely to consume it.”

Fuel For Life will also offer lunches to go for students, picnic baskets, personalized cleanse programs and more.

“I want to be able to help people make that switch to a healthier lifestyle a lot more smoothly,” she said.

“So often, people fail, not because they’re lacking determination, but because life gets too busy and suddenly they don’t have the time to make that smoothie or prepare that meal.”

She added that at Fuel For Life, patrons can have a breakfast smoothie and a couple juices prepared for them to pick up each day, and Ms. Tyndall will also help plan out their dinners in advance, so that when it comes crunch time, things are available instead of caving and grabbing something quick on their way.

“Getting healthier is going to help change the quality of life that we have,” she said. “Not everybody will be looking at the same duration of life, but it’s that quality during your life that matters. You can be 80 and still feel well if you treat your body correctly. It’s a matter of what we put into them and the preventative measures we take.”

Although Fuel For Life is located inside Headwaters Racquet Club, like most of the services and offerings at the location, it is also open to the public.

“I just want people to know that I’m here, I’m open, and to come check it out and see what I’m offering,” said Ms. Tyndall.

For more information, you can visit Fuel For Life in person at the Headwaters Racquet Club, or on Facebook at Fuel For Life Juicery.

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