Museum of Dufferin hosting several events throughout September

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The Museum of Dufferin (MoD) collects and preserves the stories of the people, places and culture of Dufferin County — past and present — and shares them through engaging and inclusive experiences. The MoD offers a welcoming, unique and enriching environment for its visitors, with an eclectic variety of experiences by way of exhibitions, events, programs and tours. There’s something for everyone – here’s what’s coming up in September at the MoD!

Jo Thomson: Rooted in Nature | All September

In 2015, Jo moved from a house in the UK, with a tiny, urban backyard, to a 10-acre forested property in rural Mono. Her relocation, not only across continents, but from urban to rural, led to a deep affinity and appreciation of the natural beauty of her new environment. This life event also coincided with a personal creative urge to return to her roots of manual photographic processes. Jo began to gather and preserve a collection of foraged botanicals and wild bird feathers, discovered on nature walks, and also embarked on a period of traditional printing experimentation.

The resulting work is a collection of cyanotypes and photograms, inspired by the 19th Century botanical studies of photographer & botanist, Anna Atkins and the early darkroom studies of pioneering photographer, Man Ray.

By using a cameraless technique involving a direct contact method between the organic materials and the light sensitive paper, there remains a true connection between the subject and the print. As no method of reproduction is involved in the process, each piece is an original.

With this galleried exhibition, ‘Rooted in Nature’, Jo invites viewers to focus on the unique form, fragility and translucent qualities of the organic subject matter, which is recorded at its true scale, and to feel a sense of calm, connection and appreciation of the natural world that surrounds us.

MoD-Tots: Fall Harvest | September 20, 10 to 11:30 am and 12:30 to 2 pm

MoD-Tots is back for the fall and winter seasons! Babies, toddlers and caregivers are invited to the museum for tot-friendly art play every other Wednesday.

Parent/caregiver participation and pre-registration are required. Learn more and register.

MoD Masterclass for Kids: Graphite Wolf Drawing Workshop with Ricky Schaede | September 27, 6 to 8 pm

In this workshop for youth, participants will draw a wolf using a range of graphite pencils. Working from a reference photograph, students will learn how to draw the wolf accurately and how to use a variety of shading effects to create awesome eyes and realistic fur texture. Students will have the opportunity to be creative and make their wolf drawing unique, adding their own designs, styles and symbols to the work. At the end of class, students will share their work and engage in a discussion about the class, and reflect positively on their work and their classmates’ work. Imagination is highly encouraged!
As an art instructor, Ricky’s mission is to cultivate the unique creative identity of each of his students. His teaching style communicates important concepts, theory, and techniques, while always leaving room for students to use their own artistic voice to make their work different. In his kids and youth classes, students follow a step-by-step prompt, but are encouraged to add their own style, symbols, and colours. Learn more about Ricky here:

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