Municipal debt

August 13, 2021   ·   0 Comments


Your columnists offer much food for thought to your readers.  I was particularly impressed this week by Jay Goldberg’s “Deficits until 2095”.

Dufferin County’s municipal budgets are pretty much in balance, but Toronto can’t say the same.  Mayor John Tory spent like a drunken sailor to preserve his electoral support over the past few years.  Those Quebec rocks to decorate a small beach must have cost over half a million; then he added metal beach umbrellas for another unpublished amount, and very likely other niceties that rural Ontario would never emulate.  Now he wishes to mount a city park above the Union Station tracks, and is determined to fund subways that exceed the artwork of Moscow’s system, but he demands that the rest of Ontario and Canada pay for his subways, bike lanes and other “capital infrastructure.”

My county funds necessities, not decorations; Mr Tory plucks paper money from the same future tree as PM Trudeau.

I look forward to the day when bankrupt Toronto’s city hall is taken over by a board appointed by the wiser heads of Premier Ford’s government to oblige the city’s citizens to to fund their capital works themselves.

Charles Hooker 

East Garafraxa

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