MP Kyle Seeback fasts for Ramadan

May 6, 2021   ·   0 Comments

By Sam Odrowski

Dufferin–Caledon MP Kyle Seeback participated in this year’s Ramadan celebrations with the local Muslim community.

He fasted all day on Friday, May 4, and handed out warm iftar meals outside of the Mosque in Shelburne (506195 Hwy 89), provided by the Muslims of Shelburne, before later breaking his fast with the meal at sunset.

For the holy month of Ramadan, which takes place from April 12 to May 12 this year, Muslims’ fast from sunrise to sunset.

“I think it’s an incredible sacrifice too fast for almost an entire month. One day is tough enough, so I think it’s really quite remarkable,” said Seeback.

He told the Citizen the most difficult part of the fast was getting through the afternoon.

“The afternoon was really tough because I guess that’s when we’re all hungry, I find. You want some kind of a snack or something,” Seeback noted.

However, at 5:30 p.m., when speaking with the Citizen, Seeback said he was feeling much better, since getting over the afternoon hunger.

He said he felt inclined to participate in the fast because of Ramadan’s significance to Muslims in the community.

“I just think we love to share religious celebrations in this country, whether it’s celebrating Christmas or whether it’s celebrating Vaisakhi, and Ramadan is a very important religious month for Muslims, so I wanted to take part in it,” Seeback explained.

The Muslims of Dufferin and Muslims of Shelburne have both hosted multiple drive-thru events during the holy month of Ramadan and collected donations for Islamic Relief, which is providing food to those in need who live in Yemen.

“I just want to say happy Ramadan to the Muslim community and hope that it goes very well,” said Seeback.

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