More Than Just Baskets store reflects local shopping trend

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Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.56.19 PMBy Tabitha Wells

There has been a big push/trend towards shopping locally in recent years. Purchasing goods and products from local vendors, stores, farmers, and more has been proven to be good for the local economy, but it also often opens the door for access to unique items you won’t find anywhere else.

More Than Just Baskets is the kind of store where you can find just that — local, handmade and unique goods that spark the interest of many, and the ability to purchase and have delivered unique gift baskets.

“The concept is a mix of rustic decor, fun items, interesting jewelry, food items, candles and more,” said Devin White, owner of the new business. “When I called it More Than Just Baskets, I wasn’t kidding.”

Prior to opening the shop, Mr. White spent five months teaching English in Asia, when he GOT a phone call from his stepmother Rosemary, who owned the local business Odds and Errands.

“She told me she was going to sell the business and wanted to know if I was interested,” said Mr. White. “I told her if I could find the retail space, I was definitely interested.”

When a space became available in the plaza at 48 Centennial Road, Mr. White jumped on it.

“We did a complete renovation of the space, gutted it, and got to work,” he said. “I started to get in touch with local vendors, because I wanted this to be a place that supports local. It’s been incredible to meet so many talented people and discover so many products that are unheard of.”

Mr. White added that he has been in retail for 17 years, and decided that it was time to open his own store instead of working for someone else.
His hope is to keep the store moving forward on the same kind of rapport Odds and Errands enjoyed.

“It was so well-known in the community, and had a great reputation, and I want to carry that forward,” he said. “This is definitely about keeping it in the family, and growing on what was already built as the foundation. It started out as Odds and Errands, and has grown into More Than Just Baskets.”

Although the storefront has been open for only a few weeks, the feedback from customers has been amazing according to Mr. White.

“It’s very evident that people in Orangeville love local,” he said.

Currently, the most evident items in the store are the beautiful, handmade Christmas decorations and wall signs, but the store is filled with many, many more treasures. From stunning wood-burned bookmarks and coasters, to candles, items from Taste the 4th Sense, and creative jewelry made out of spoons and other things.

“I found it really interesting, because some of the vendors we approached have never actually sold their items in a retail store before,” explained Mr. White. “Many of them have grown their business either through markets or online shops.”

The store is always looking for more unique, local options to offer as well.

“Anything that is 100% locally made, we are interested in chatting with them and getting to know their products,” said Mr. White. “We’re looking for local vendors that have the drive to be part of our community, and to better the community. Our number one priority is to support local vendors, and we always want to be that way.”

And of course, the store also carries uniquely designed gift baskets, which is what the concept was originally grown on. The back of the storefront is lined with hundreds of baskets of varying sizes, shapes and styles, ready to be turned into whatever the client is looking for.

“You name it, we’ll design it,” said Mr. White.

More Than Just Baskets is located at 48 Centennial Rd. Unit 2, in Orangeville. For more information or to order a gift basket, visit the storefront, give Devin a call at 519- 307-4438 or email morethanjustbaskets

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