Mono updates development charges pricing

September 3, 2021   ·   0 Comments

By Peter Richardson

Mono Council heard a presentation regarding increasing the Town’s Development Charges at its meeting on Tuesday (Aug. 24) morning, compiled by the consultants, Watson & Associates Economists LTD.

The recommendation was for the Town to update its development charges, to better reflect the More Homes, More Choice Act and the COVID19 Economic Recovery Act. These changes included changes to the development charges recoverable costs, such as removal of the 10 per cent statutory deduction and reallocation of service growth related studies and changes to the timing of calculation and collection of development charges and statutory exemptions. This amounted to an increase of $94,0630 over the 2019 Study.

The 2021 Study increases amounted to some 30 per cent, raising development charges for a single or semi-detached dwelling from $11,499 to $15,805 and the non-residential rate from $7.51 per sq ft. to $8.59.

To break down the charges, for a single detached unit, Transportation Services changed from $8,876 to $11,499, Fire Protection Services from $396 to $399, Parks and recreation rose from $2,808 to $3,871 and Library Services climbed from $32 to $36 for a total increase of $3,644.

By comparison with surrounding municipalities, Mono’s proposed changes now put them slightly ahead of many Dufferin municipalities but well behind Caledon and Orangeville. They still sit slightly behind Shelburne. Council accepted the report unanimously.

In the matter of parking and access to Island Lake from Blue Heron Drive, residents resoundingly expressed an aversion to a no parking zone in a recent survey and instead expressed preference for a keypad lock on the gate, for which residents had the code.

This survey was done in response to the parking problem, which was created earlier this summer on the drive, when non-residents are using the access point and illegally parking rather than go through the main gate.

Council approved a budget amendment for the purpose of replacing the 2006 International Tandem snow plow truck which blew an engine and was not feasible to repair. The new truck, found in Peterborough, was a 2022 International Tandem valued at $292,531.00 including HST.

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