Mono Mayor elected as 2016 County Warden

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County Council has moved forward with the election of a new Warden for the 2016 year, with Mayor Laura Ryan of Mono taking the Oath of Office for the position. The election, which took place late this afternoon at the County Council Chambers, saw three nominations put forward – Warren Maycock (2015 Warden, Deputy Mayor of Orangeville), Don McIver (Mayor of Amaranth), and Mayor Ryan.

The meeting began with the remarks by Deputy Mayor Maycock on his term as Warden, where he gave a passionate speech about the work completed both by himself and by Council as a whole over the 2015 year.

“I am so proud of all that County Council has accomplished this past year,” said Deputy Mayor Maycock. “Working together to overcome our differences, and working together in the best interests of the County, we have done a great job.”

He highlighted several of the achievements of Council, including the passing of the 2015 budget at 0.6 percent, and the 3.7 percent 2016 budget, which allows for the County to start dealing with the infrastructure deficit. Council also began developing a plan for the County Forests, and continues to work towards an internet collection solution for all residents through SWIFT and the Warden’s Caucus.

“We have begun developing a poverty reduction plan, which was presented at the Poverty Reduction Forum in November,” he added. “If this finds traction and takes off, it will be the single greatest thing we can do in Dufferin County. We should all be very pleased and proud of what we have done so far, but there is still much more to do. We have done a lot and overcome our differences, but we need to keep moving forward.”

Following his remarks, the nominations for Warden were announced, and each nominee was provided the opportunity to speak.

Each nominee provided a passionate speech about their qualifications and capabilities to lead as Warden.

Mayor Ryan, in her speech, began by asking members of County Council’s support in her candidacy for the position of Warden in 2016, adding that through her 21 years in municipal leadership she has developed experience in all levels of leadership, from fundraising and strategic planning, to chairing committees for numerous organizations in Dufferin County.

“If there is a job to be done, I will volunteer to help complete the task,” she said. “I cannot make false promises that I possess magical abilities or super powers that will take our County into economic resiliency, cozy comfort and eternal happiness. I do however have drive and determination to work hard, commit to the task at hand and bring a high level of integrity to the table.”

In order to be elected, the new Warden would require a majority of seven votes. The first round of votes saw three for Mayor MacIver, four for Mayor Ryan and six for Deputy Mayor Maycock. As is the process with three nominees, the Councillor with the lowest number of votes is eliminated if none receive seven and a second vote occurs. Following the second vote, Mayor Ryan received seven votes, with Deputy Mayor Maycock receiving six again.

Former County Warden, Justice of the Peace John Creelman conducted the swearing-in ceremony, as Mayor Ryan took the Warden’s oath.

Deputy Mayor of Mono, Ken McGhee and Deputy Mayor of Mulmur, Heather Hayes, as the nominators, escorted Mayor Ryan, and stood by her as she took her oath.

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