Mono discusses renting space on water tower to ISPs

September 18, 2020   ·   0 Comments

By Peter Richardson

Mono Council discussed the lease agreement for using the water tower for the placement of internet service antennae on Tuesday (Sept. 15), a move that would provide better internet service to the town. 

CAO Mark Early spoke to the charge for using the tower. He felt that a lease charge of $2,500 annually was appropriate, plus the cost of hydro usage. Although this was about 10 percent of what the big providers might be charged elsewhere, he felt it was an encouraging amount for the providers in question. It would likely not cover the Town’s costs with only a single provider, but would more than  do so with two or more. Currently there are three serious requests for access and other indications of interest. The Town’s engineers have found no structural issues with using the tower, noting that up to five antennas could be accommodated .

Mayor Laura Ryan said she had been contacted by one resident who was incensed that Council would even consider this, due to the health and safety issues the new 5G networks presented. They stated that it would do nothing to improve the way of life in the town. Deputy Mayor Creelman added that he had heard of a single individual who was opposed to the project and stated that the currently proposed equipment is not a 5G network, but is faster than LTE service. However, there is nothing stopping the providers from putting 5G on the existing towers. That is between the providers and Industry Canada. 

Although there has been much speculation about potential issues with 5G, nothing has ben formally determined as yet but, as far as Deputy Mayor Creelman was told, this is not a pure 5G network being proposed. Council passed the motion to proceed.

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