Mono Council hears resident’s concerns during Question Peirod

September 30, 2021   ·   0 Comments

By Peter Richardson

The new Mono Mayor, John Creelman chaired his first council meeting last Tuesday (Sept. 14), seeing it run until almost 11 p.m. due to a very long in camera session.

The meeting’s Public Question Period saw Mr. Anthony Hoseinask ask about an update on racism in Mono, speeding along the Mono-Adjala Townline, and the long lines/delays at election voting centres.

On the matter of racism, newly appointed Deputy Mayor Fred Nix noted that the former mayor, Laura Ryan was on the County Diversity committee, which dealt with the topic and unfortunately her input was no longer available to Council.

Deputy Mayor Nix went on to say that he has no knowledge of incidents of racism in Mono and asked if Mr. Hosein could perhaps elaborate on his concerns and offer his recommendations on the subject to Council. Mayor Creelman followed his comments by noting that the proper forum for this would be the committee set up by the County and that without specific examples, Mono Council was at odds to provide an answer.

On the speeding issue, Coun. Ralph Manktelow asked if there was actually a problem on the Mono-Adjala Townline. Director of Public Works Mike Dunmore responded that when the solar speed sign was deployed on the aforementioned road, 85 per cent of vehicles were averaging 77 kph which was below the posted limit of 80 kph.

This information was provided by the OPP. Mayor Creelman said that the Town has recently purchased a Black Cat unit and that the OPP could perhaps be asked to deploy the device on the Mono-Adjala Townline to definitively put the issue of speeding or lack of it, to rest.

A Black Cat Unit is discreet and collects traffic speeds without having the driver realize their speed is being recorded. A common issue with using speed radar signs to gauge speeding issues is that they act as a traffic calming measure in themselves, as people typically slow down when the sign starts flashing and shows they’re speeding.

Council next appointed Councillor Sharon Martin to head up a working group to supply information to prospective renters and buyers in Mono. The group was to include a realtor and a staff member. Dave Trotman suggested that brokerage organizations should be included as they could disseminate the information to many realtors. Mayor Creelman opined that in his opinion it would be best to leave the issues up to Councillor Martin and her group and Council moved on.

Council next voted on the proposed composition of the new Police Services Boards, proposed by Grand Valley. The proposal called for four boards, one each for Orangeville and Shelburne, and one for Melancthon, Mulmur and the Town of Mono, while the fourth is for Amaranth, East Garafraxa and the Town of Grand Valley.

The board composition would be as follows: each one would have 6 members, three councillors and three municipal appointees for Orangeville and Shelburne.

No Provincial appointees were suggested or recommended.

Council addressed the policy of mandatory vaccination proposed by the County and to be adopted by Mono. The Councillors are to be included in the policy. CAO Mark Early noted that Staff had no right to remove a councillor as they were elected officials, not employees.

Several opinions were expressed concerning the termination of non-compliant employees. This was accepted by Councillors as necessary and Mayor Creelman noted that Council could dock the pay of any non-compliant councillor which would be a satisfactory motivator.

It was decided that Mono would adopt the County deadline of November 1 as its own and that notification of the new policy would be made immediately.

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