Mono Council delays reopening of public buildings

August 27, 2020   ·   0 Comments

By Peter Richardson

Mono Council spent some time this past week pondering when they should open up municipal buildings to the public.

Coun. Fred Nix said he has been approached by the Nordic Ski Club regarding their use of the Monora Park building. Kim Heaton replied that there were no plans at present to open the buildings, as the Town is responsible for anything that happens within their properties and would be held legally liable in court.

Deputy Mayor John Creelman wanted to know what other municipalities were doing, saying that Mono couldn’t stay closed forever. Ms. Heaton responded that no other smaller communities have opened their spaces and neither has Centre Wellington, which is a much larger municipality.

Mayor Laura Ryan said that the Shelburne arena has only opened the outdoor swimming pool, with strict guidelines, while Coun. Ralph Manktelow stated that it is an issue of groups and that no one really knows what is right. He would favour caution over “rushing into the abyss”.

Leasing space

The matter of leasing space on the Town water tower to internet providers was brought up again, with Deputy Mayor Creelman demanding to know when the structural information was to be received.

He said that a decision had already been delayed due to the lack of clearance that the tower could support the antennae and there was at least one potential leasee who is anxious to proceed.

Use of the tower would allow a much greater and improved internet experience for many residents of Mono.

CAO Mark Early said that he expected the report to be ready within the next two weeks and council voted to allow the Mayor and the CAO to agree to a lease without coming back to Council for approval, so as to hasten the process along.

New signage

Finally, Council approved the plan to name watercourses in Mono with signage at Municipal bridges.

Originally proposed by Coun. Manktelow, this program is designed to help identify and preserve the many watercourses in Mono. Two major rivers start here and many tributaries flow into these.

The signs would be placed near or beside the bridges and will be double sided. They will identify courses with an average width of four feet, or smaller, but with an unusual depth and current or if it has other valued significance such as historical or environmental importance. If there is both a local and a mapped name, both will be include on the signage, such as North Branch of the Nottawasaga River, known locally as Scott’s Creek.

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