Mill Street reopened Wednesday with some work remaining

November 19, 2014   ·   0 Comments

Mill Street, which has been closed since mid-September for a construction project that included sewer work and removal of both pavement and sidewalks, was reopened to traffic Wednesday.

John Lackey, the town’s Manager of Operations & Development, says the street was given an initial coat of asphalt on Nov. 6.

“The completion date for the roadway to be open was the first week on November.  The project was five to seven working days behind schedule but that must take into account a gas leak, a watermain break and construction of new electrical ducts at Little York and Mill.  Also, the sidewalks had to incorporate the new BIA ‘tent anchors’ which slowed up the concrete sidewalk work.”

Mr. Lackey said the east sidewalk “is totally complete and functional and has been since the end of last week,” adding that the  Royal Bank entrance off Mill Street at the Library is open and functional.

However, the unseasonably cold weather since the middle of last week has forced postponement of work on the west sidewalk. The current plan is to have the concrete poured early next week, when the mid-day temperature is expected to be close to the normal 5 degrees C.

“Temporary access to all businesses on the west side of the street has been made,” Mr. Lackey advised.

He said the project as a whole “went extremely well and was within schedule, with the exception of the concrete sidewalks on the west side of the street.”

The decision to postpone the sidewalk work was based on the advice of engineers and to ensure “that we obtained a quality sidewalk product.”

Parking is currently banned on the west side of the road, since the actual concrete sidewalk has not yet been constructed due to freezing temperatures.  The “coned” off area of the roadway is to allow for pedestrian movement and access to businesses pending completion of the sidewalk.

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