Looking Back at 2023 – A Year in Review

December 14, 2023   ·   0 Comments

By Kyle Seeback, M.P. (Dufferin-Caledon)

The past year has been both rewarding and challenging for me as the Member of Parliament for Dufferin-Caledon. Many families continue to struggle with the cost-of-living crisis. People from every corner of this riding wrote and called me daily about these challenges, sharing their personal stories, asking for relief. High inflation and high taxes are making life extremely difficult.  

When I’m asked about the biggest issue in Dufferin-Caledon in 2023, the affordability crisis tops the list. The cost-of-living crisis has been caused by the Trudeau Liberal government’s wasteful spending and the inflationary carbon tax. The carbon tax increases the cost of everything from fuel, to food, to goods and services. It is a costly tax plan, not an environment plan. It makes life more expensive for all Canadians while failing to meet a single climate target.

I raised the devastating impact of the carbon tax on Dufferin-Caledon families and Canadians across the country in the House of Commons regularly this past year, as did my Conservative colleagues. We repeatedly called on the Liberal government to axe the carbon tax to make life more affordable for all Canadians. Prime Minister Trudeau finally admitted that his tax plan is making life unaffordable when he gave a carveout for home heating oil until after the next election. However, this won’t help 97% of Canadians, including Dufferin-Caledon.

Conservatives introduced a motion calling on the Prime Minister and his Liberal government to take the carbon tax off all forms of home heating to give all Canadians some relief. Instead of voting for our common-sense Conservative motion to take the carbon tax off home heating, the Liberals and the Bloc Quebecois voted to keep it, just as winter is approaching.

Canadians were shocked to learn that between April 1, 2022, and March 31, 2023, over 800,000 people in Ontario alone accessed a food bank with a total of 5.9 million visits to a food bank during this period. These startling statistics highlighted the food affordability challenges Ontarians are facing. Conservatives presented a simple fix for this: pass Conservative Bill C-234 to remove the carbon tax for farmers, making food more affordable for Canadian families. This bill has been blocked in the Senate by Liberal Senators for months costing farmers and Canadians millions of dollars.

Housing affordability was another huge issue. The dream of home ownership has died for young and new Canadians under the Trudeau government. 9 in 10 people who don’t own a home say they never will. Under the Liberal government, the down payment needed to buy a house has doubled. I raised this issue with the Liberal government on many occasions. In the fall, we introduced our housing plan that will put keys in doors and people in homes by removing government gatekeepers and to free up land and speed up building permits.

It was also an exciting year for me, as my Private Members’ Bill, C-242 (Reuniting Families Act), passed and received Royal Assent on June 22, 2023. I’m really proud of this legislation because it helps all Canadians eager to be reunited with loved ones overseas through an enhanced Super Visa program. It garnered tremendous support from both Chambers and stakeholders across the country and will help improve the lives of countless Canadians.

Finally, the highlight of the year for me was my second annual Hockey Night in Dufferin-Caledon. My charitable hockey game, featuring local NHL talent, was enthusiastically embraced by our community. In two years, Hockey Night in Dufferin-Caledon has raised over $200,000 for our local hospital! These funds are making a big difference at our hospital. I can’t thank everyone enough for the outstanding support that made it all happen.

2023 was a year of ups and downs, but as it draws to a close, I am filled with a renewed sense of hope for the year ahead. I continue to be amazed at how Dufferin-Caledon comes together as a community to support each other through difficult times, like we’ve seen this year. I’m also encouraged by our positive Conservative common-sense vision to turn years of hurt into hope and opportunity for all Canadians as we welcome 2024.

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