Local residents, CLC protest Liberal’s new sex ed curriculum

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Ontario residents upset by the new sex ed curriculum that rolls into schools this fall participated in simultaneous protests locally and across the province yesterday morning, calling on their MPPs to take action against it.

The protests were organized by the Campaign Life Coalition, a
national non-profit organization comprised of a number of organizations and people who speak out against issues like abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research, and now the Ontario Sex-Ed Curriculum.

On Wednesday morn- ing, a number of protestors gathered outside Dufferin-Caledon MPP Sylvia Jones’ office, requesting that the government scrap the curriculum and stop focusing on confusing and sexualizing

“The sex curriculum is age-inappropriate, too explicit and nudges children toward premature sexual experimentation,” wrote George Slater, Team Leader of the Stop Radical Sex Ed Rally. “We’re going to demand our MPP work to scrap this irresponsible program.”

The purpose of the rally was to request that Ms. Jones, as their elected representative speak out publicly against the Liberal Government’s curriculum. The group highlighted some of the pieces of the curric- ulum they take issue with and consider controversial, saying it requires teaching 8-year-olds that being a boy or a girl is a social construct, and allows teachers to encourage 11-year- olds to masturbate as a vehicle for self-discovery.

“Contrary to the claims being made by the Liberal government, this curriculum is not science or evidence-based,” wrote Mr. Slater. “Instead, it represents the ideological, child-sexualizing ideas of a convicted child-pornographer, Ben Levin, the former Deputy Education Minister, under whom this curriculum was written.”

The protest took place at 11 a.m. Monday, and although Ms. Jones was unable to attend due to the short notice, her assistant was scheduled to greet the protesters and listen to their letter of request.

“This rally is about protesting the radical sex-ed curriculum that is being imposed on Ontario without due process and representation,” said Mr. Slater, welcoming the protestors. “We want the government to realize that there are citizens – and I believe we are in the majority – who object to what is being rammed down our throats.”

He added that earlier this week, while at a coalition rally, there were approximately 25 organizations represented by Campaign Life Coalition in protest of this specific issue.

“People from different colours, different religions and different backgrounds all gathered there around this one issue,” he said. “They all came together and put aside their differences in order to speak out and protect our children.”

As then Education minister, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne attempted to introduce a new sex-education plan in 2010, but then-Premier Dalton McGuinty withdrew the proposal after irate parents demonstrated opposition to the proposed changes.

One critique surrounding the new curriculum is the manner in which it was passed, which saw it veiled in a lot of secrecy, and without general public consultation and input.

However, the government has defended this choice, explaining that they spoke to minority groups they felt were most in need of the changes, such as Queer Ontario and the Trans Lobby Group.

The involvement of former Deputy Edu- cation Minister in production of the curriculum has alarmed parents and other residents across the Province. But Premier Wynne says deputy ministers do not have any actual role in the creation of curriculums.

“Ministers and deputy ministers do not write curriculum,” she was quoted as advising reporters in a March article in the Toronto Sun. “Curriculum is written by subject experts in conversation and in consultation with a wide array of people and curriculum is reviewed and written on an ongoing basis.”

The premier said any suggestion that there was that kind of interference “just demonstrates a lack of understanding of how curriculum actually is written … ministers and deputy ministers don’t write curriculum.”

However, many parents feel some items in the curriculum are clear evidence of the impact of his influence, such as speaking to 12-year-old girls about anal intercourse, oral sex and sexual pleasure.

Four main points the protestors hoped to get across and formed part of their chant, was that they want responsible government, moral education, healthy families, and to protect their children from harm. They feel the ‘radical’ sex education program goes against each of those things.

“As Christians and from a moral standpoint, we believe that our government should be standing up for what is right for the people,” added Pastor Kerry Duffield, who attended the protest on behalf of Good Friends Fellowship Church. “We believe that by protesting here today, we are not only telling the government what morally is right, but we are also stand- ing up for what we believe as Churches.”

He added that they believe in moral education and that people should have the right to have a say in what is being taught to their children, especially as parents.

“What is being put forth here today is not only right, but it’s also because someone needs to stand up and say what is morally right,” he said.

Over 185,000 Ontarians signed petitions presented to the legislature by former Progressive Conservative leadership hopeful MPP Monte McNaughton, listing criticisms of both the curriculum and the process involved.

One major criticism of the process was the fact only one hand-picked parent from each school was allowed to fill out a survey regarding the curriculum.

“The survey was a charade, containing only vague general questions that everyone would naturally say yes to,” said Mr. Slater.

“Had the online survey asked if they wanted 8-year-olds to be taught the theory of gender fluidity, or if they wanted anal intercourse to be introduced in Grade 7, I assure you the feedback would have been overwhelmingly negative. But then again, we all know Premier Wynne wasn’t truly interested in parental input.”

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