Local option is back

January 10, 2019   ·   0 Comments

THE TERM ISN’T USED, but the Local Option days of Ontario’s Prohibition era are back, this time in the context of cannabis.

Locally, at one point all of Dufferin’s municipalities were “dry,” with no liquor stores or licensed outlets, and the closest spot where Dufferinites could indulge in spirits was Loretto, across the border in Simcoe.

Similarly, there was nary a drop to be had legally in Grey County, but Owen Sound residents were able to imbibe in Hepworth, across the line in Bruce County.

Now, with the provincial government having given local municipalities only until January 22 to decide whether to allow any retail cannabis stores within their boundaries, Orangeville Council has votes to opt in while next door, Mono Council has voted unanimouslt against hosting any of the outlets once the Province clears the way.

Our suspicion is that if history is any guide, all of the ‘opt-outers’ will have a change of heart and welcome the added assessment.

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