Local Green Party candidate shares focus of campaign

September 16, 2021   ·   0 Comments

By Sam Odrowski

Jenni Le Forestier, who’s the Green Party candidate for Dufferin–Caledon, shared the focus of her party and campaign heading into Election Day (Sept. 20).

She stressed the need for change at the federal level to provide greater representation to everyday Canadians who aren’t being properly looked after by the federal government.

“What we’re missing in Ottawa is true representation,” said Le Forestier. “I think two or three Green MPs will get a lot more done in Ottawa than the old party’s typical backbenchers, and we need to get to work – we have a lot to do.”

When looking at the Green Party’s promises and platform, Le Forestier said they have the best platform for the climate and the only one that matches the targets recommended by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

“We have seen the Liberal government fail to reach any climate targets that have been set, and we are not holding up our end of the deal globally,” she remarked. “So, I’m super proud that the Greens have a way forward to get us on track to reach those targets.”

Le Forestier added that her party’s plans for free pharmacare, affordable housing and guaranteed liveable income are two important pieces of their platform as well.

A major issue Le Forestier is hoping to address, if elected, is encouraging more middle density homes and smaller footprint homes when looking at development.

“I’ve heard almost every day of the campaign, people talking about affordability and how they’re not able to find appropriate housing,” she said. “There literally is nothing available between these one-million-dollar mansions and the small apartments, and we need to fix that. We need cooperative housing; we need much more availability in the market.”

Better consultation with all levels of government, impacted residents, and Indigenous communities is also needed when looking at building homes, according to Le Forestier.

“I think we could do a much better job at all levels of government, when we’re talking about planning and what kind of housing that we’re going to be building in the future – even in the next year,” she remarked.

When looking at the Green Party’s values, Le Forestier said collaboration, inclusivity, and integrity, are all at the top of the list.

“We are very good at collaborating across party lines,” she noted.

Equity, diversity, and ensuring all Canadians are included is another lens the Green Party sees issues through, according to Le Forestier.

In regards to integrity, she noted that the Green Party is able to promote positive change without diminishing others, which is what’s missing in Ottawa.

With respect to Green Party Leader Annamie Paul’s performance at the English federal leaders debate on Thursday (Sept. 9), Le Forestier said she was thrilled.

“She was a shining example of what leadership looks like,” she noted. “She was poised, she was calm, and, a voice of reason in amongst all of the chaos, and held her own.”

Along the campaign trail, Le Forestier says she’s been hearing a variety of concerns from residents across Dufferin–Caledon.

“They’re concerned about small business, how they’re going to keep their doors open, affordability, having to make tough choices between housing and groceries ­– simply that the basics of life are really important to people. And we need a government that’s going to address that in a way that is forward thinking, and doesn’t take us back and put us in more debt, but also protects that social safety net that everyone is clearly needing right now,” Le Forestier explained.

She said if people want change, they have to vote for it, and she’s encouraging everyone in the riding to head out to the voting booth on Sept. 20.

“Don’t be afraid to vote with your heart,” Le Forestier remarked. “Strategic voting doesn’t work, so get the result that you want, and vote for the result that you want.

With less than a week left until Election Day, she said she’ll be trying to reach any homes she hasn’t been able to visit yet during her campaign.

“I’m hitting on as many doors as I can, getting to every part of the riding,” Le Forestier said. “Every day, I’m working hard to get the vote.”

To learn a little bit more about Le Forestier’s campaign ahead of the election, visit:

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