Local business broken into, owner hoping to prevent it from happening to others

January 11, 2024   ·   0 Comments

By Paula Brown, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

An Orangeville business owner is looking to help other business owners avoid becoming the victims of crime after her store was broken into during the first weekend of the year. 

Mistilee Desrosier is the owner of Mad Clear Out, a liquidation store located at 210 Broadway in Orangeville, that was broken into on the morning of Jan. 6. 

Desrosier discovered the break-in after arriving at work later that day, around 9:30 a.m., and noticing the window had been smashed in with a brick. Security footage from inside the business shows a man entering the store just before 6:30 a.m. by smashing the front door with a brick and proceeding to take Desrosier’s cash register. 

The estimated cost of damage, excluding the repairs needed to the exterior door, is roughly $1,800, which includes a $1,600 cash register and $200 cash that was in the register.

Desrosier opened her liquidation store in October of 2022 after moving to the Orangeville community and being laid off from her job. The goal of opening the store was to provide residents with a shopping option with discounted prices, particularly during financially difficult times. The store sells a variety of items, from clothing to small appliances, toys, home décor, automotive, and beauty products. 

“I work very hard to provide for my family, let alone help other people save money as well, because I know times are tough,” said Desrosier. “I felt like a victim. I had been robbed of my pride and of my livelihood – it felt violating.” 

By sharing her story, Desrosier said she hopes she can help other businesses prevent their own break-ins. 

“This can happen to anybody, so it’s important for businesses to be aware, to better protect themselves,” she said. 

The Dufferin OPP detachment has shared some tips for businesses to think about when protecting and preventing possible break-ins. 


The safest property is one that doesn’t attract criminals in the first place. To avoid attracting burglars, make sure that: 

  • Views of your property are as unobscured as possible, paying particular attention to landscaping
  • Facilitate night-time surveillance by using lighting to draw attention to windows and doors that can be observed from the street or other active areas
  • “Weapons of opportunity” such as small garden rocks or throwable objects are not lying about your property


One of the most common reasons why security fails is that there is little chance of detection, or it occurs too late. For alarm systems to be effective, they should: 

  • Be encountered at the first and basic level of security (window or door lock)
  • Detect and perimeter violation as it occurs and not afterwards (motion sensors used as a backup only)
  • Eliminate the delay on the alarm condition at all entrance points 
  • Draw attention to the burglar through the use of audible sound devices and flash strobe lights 
  • Be tamper-resistant, including external signalling devices and phone lines
  • Use technology that effectively manages false alarms without sacrificing security 
  • Be monitored by a remote security station 


Consider these factors before adding security to the perimeter of your property: 

  • The cost associated with properly securing the perimeter of your property can be great as it is directly proportional to size 
  • The security of your perimeter is only as good as its weakest point
  • Windows, doors, lock frames, and even roofs are all common entry points 
  • Bars will only slow down burglars who attack windows and should always be applied after the first layer of security with glass break sensors 

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