Local artist exhibits latest and current work at open house

February 27, 2020   ·   0 Comments

By Alyssa Parkhill

Cory Trépanier was born and raised in Caledon and has pursued his passion for art by travelling lands far and wide to create incredible landscape paintings. 

When Trépanier isn’t hiking tall mountains, crossing rivers or trekking through forests to paint, he’s at home in Caledon, showcasing his latest and current work at his Gallery and Barn Studio on The Gore Road. 

At the beginning of his career, Trépanier strived to paint wildlife. He would find a quiet place at the rear of his house and wait for some creatures to appear for him to capture on canvas. Soon, he began to truly see what was before his eyes. The landscape. The colours of nature, the experience of creating his art while being a part of it at the same time. 

He began to travel to wild, and adventurous locations to capture the beauty of different landscapes. In 2018, Trépanier and his daughter Sydney, travelled to the Arctic hiking 100 km with over 75 pounds on their backs to find and paint Mount Asgard. This Arctic artwork is a part of his ‘Into the Artic ‘collection of his times in the Arctic.

According to his website, “Exploring and painting the Canadian Arctic has been challenging and awe-inspiring, bringing me face-to-face with some of our planet’s greatest natural wonders. After many years of solitary development, I am humbled to learn that others are being moved by my canvases. And that the exhibition is inspiring conversation about the North, the Inuit, the power of nature and the importance of humanity’s role in protecting it” 

What’s exciting about his Gallery and Barn Studio is not only does he present his latest pieces, showing his latest adventures, but he allows viewers to get a glimpse on what he’s currently working on and his workspace. 

“Over the years, much of my work has been acquired through the process of being involved with my trips upfront or seeing works in progress in the studio. But, people seem to really enjoy seeing, being able to partake in the individual process of seeing the creation start to finish,” explained Trépanier. “Educationally, for people who come through and we’re open to the public, anyone who’s interested in creating art, they can resonate with that.”

Trépanier is passionate about his art and his adventures, but also strives to educate and bring inspiration to anyone interested in joining the art world. He invites those of all ages to attend his gallery open houses to really get a look into the life of a successful, and passionate artist. 

On top of the gallery, Trépanier has created a small theatre room to present his documentaries on his adventures. He began filming his expeditions in 2001 and has developed five documentaries, in which his fifth film held its first public screening in Monaco with Prince Albert II being one of the attendees. 

Trépanier’s next adventure is travelling to Monaco in March of this year, for an invitation of the Prince Albert II Foundation and Monaco’s Ambassador as part of his INTO THE ARCTIC Exhibition Tour, that showcases over 50 oil paintings and three films including a 15-foot-wide painting, which is one of the largest Arctic landscape paintings in Canadian history. The tour began in 2017 and premiered at the Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C and has gone on to be presented at ten museums since then. 

For more information about Cory Trépanier and his latest or current work, please visit 

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