Letter re: unmarked graves

June 17, 2021   ·   0 Comments


It is said that politics is a dirty word, but I suggest that the definition be applied to its adherents instead, including national media.

Witness the reaction to “discovery” of 215 suspected burial sites in a BC residential school area.  Every politician, both federal and provincial, and journalist is shocked and appalled at this discovery of a “mass grave site.”

First, it is not a “mass grave;” radar survey indicates 215 things, probably small human bodies, were buried in separate graves, not a common one.

Secondly, as far as has been  reported, not one “grave” has been opened yet to ascertain exactly what was buried.  And why.

However, the “discovery” was well known throughout the past century.  A 1922 official report stated that native children were buried in unmarked graves; some survivors of the residential school system have come forward to report that they helped bury the bodies; most affected native tribes were well aware of this terrible practice.  But the parents were kept in ignorance of causes of death and were denied the bodies of their children.

So we really do know that the 215 sites “discovered” in BC’s residential school system are dead native children, and the authorities have known for many decades.  There has been no “discovery” except by the public.  This reminds me of the “discovery” of the Amerian continents.

The hypocrisy is thus revealed of all politicians and national media – the breathless, excited young reporters, the “saddened” writers of both news and opinion columns (which are indistinguishable these days), the MPs and MPPs of all political parties washing their hands and wondering what to do.

And we are expected to believe everything they say?  I’m disgusted.  What other “discoveries” have been force-fed to us consumers of news?  Ah, yes, the climate thing.  Hmmm.

Charles Hooker 

East Garafraxa

Ontario  L9W 7E4

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