Letter re: Frank Stronach’s column

January 25, 2024   ·   0 Comments


I try to follow principles that make life a little easier.

The word SIMPLE seems to appear more often in recent times.

Over several years I have been considering a SIMPLE process for financial budgeting.

I have determined that given total of all levels of government spending in 2021 at $969,500,000,000 it would seem possible to create a new tax system consisting of a total of 10% blanket covering all gross income from individuals, corporations, (of all kinds) with no exemptions of any kind for any activity or any other considered reason allowing for  a basic minimum funding for individuals, registered business and necessary functions as determined for growth and debt reduction.

This would of necessity reduce overall government red tape and create a budget limited by the income available.

Result: SIMPLE.

Maybe this is like a family that spends only the funds that match the income with an awareness of the ability to meet ongoing debt requirements.


Bernie Lynch


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