Lawn Bowling Club open house provided new players a taste of the game

May 11, 2023   ·   0 Comments

By Brian Lockhart

With the warmer weather now here, you may be looking for a new outdoor activity that is both challenging and, at the same time, enjoyable and social.

The Monora Lawn Bowling hosted an open house on Saturday, May 6, to allow the public to visit the Monora Park facility and try the game.

Lawn bowling uses biased balls that roll on a curve to get close to the target, called a jack. The sport is different than Bocce Ball in that Bocce uses round balls.

People who curl have a natural understanding of the sport as it is similar to the action of curving a rock in curling.

“This is our official open house – the house is open for anyone to come down and try the sport out,” explained Monora Park Lawn Bowling Club president John Hooper. “We’ve had around 50 to 60 people that came out to try it. We had around 20 members come out to explain the game. This sport is a natural segue from curling. Curlers easily pick up this sport. They understand you have to aim somewhere else to hit your target. We want them to come and think that they have enjoyed themselves. We want people to come out and see how easy it is to do.”

Traditionally, lawn bowling in Canada has been regarded as a sport for older people. However, there is no real reason for this. It is a fun sport that takes some skill, provides a challenge, and is sociable.

The Club is trying to recruit younger players to the sport.

“We have club members that have come out and volunteered to show everyone the ropes,” John explained.

Volunteers explained the game’s rules and offered tips on how to successfully deliver the ball. It takes a little getting used to, as when you deliver the ball, you have to aim for a spot knowing the ball will roll on a curve over the playing area.

Once you get the hang of it, you will have fun playing.

The Monora Lawn Bowling Club offers team and tournament play throughout the season. Typically, the bowling season goes from May to October. However, the season may be extended if there is a late fall and the weather is warmer or drier than usual.

You can find out more about the Club by visiting the website at

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