It’s a…conspiracy?

March 30, 2023   ·   0 Comments

By Jasen Obermeyer

Oh conspiracies. Love them or hate them.

One person’s fact is another person’s fiction. One version is a lie. The other a truth. Right or wrong.

Conspiracies have been around for a very long time and vary in form. From the Earth being flat to the Moon landing being staged, celebrities faking their deaths – such as Elvis – to ones who are “dead” and been replaced with a double – Paul McCartney – and of course, Roswell and Area 51. Conspiracies can range from an individual, a group, or even an organization. 

And in today’s age of the internet, it’s easier to spread an idea or opinion faster and make it more readily available to more people.

A conspiracy theory can be just about anything, really, no matter how absurd. 

Maybe by reading this column, I’m actually reading your mind. I use that information for the Illuminati, who then create perfectly engineered drinking water to spread amongst the population to turn those into zombies. Why? So we can feed them to our lord the Loch Ness Monster, preventing a monster takeover of the world, which aliens lead from Venus, who are in league with the Prime Minister ever since Lester B. Pearson’s autopsy revealed he was an alien. Every prime minister since has been an alien in disguise. And I bet the aliens are commies. Okay, should I stop now? 

Truth can be stranger than fiction. Maybe we’re not satisfied with the truth. It’s just too simple, or maybe even boring. Some say Princess Diana’s death wasn’t an accident. It was led by the Royal Family to keep secrets of them being leaked to the public, which would lead to the removal of the monarchy, causing a Chinese or Russian takeover of Europe. 

Sometimes we refuse to believe the conspiracy because the truth is horrifying, like the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program. 

Conspiracies can be very interesting but also dangerous at times. They sow mistrust amongst others and can have far-reaching consequences. Holocaust deniers have created an antisemitic presence in our society and extreme xenophobia. Donald Trump pushing the “stolen” election of 2020, leading to a massive social and political divide, culminating in the Capital attack.

Of course, a big source of conspiracy and mistrust is with none other than our governments. From spy satellites to a New World Order, plenty of conspiracies can be made. 

Most recently has been Covid. From the pandemic and disease being faked by the media, to its being created as a population control. And the vaccine having tracking devices inserted into us.

Perhaps certain conspiracies persist because they have a possibility of truth behind them. They don’t seem so outlandish. Such as FDR knowing the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, but letting it happen so he had perfect reason for the American people to get behind a war against Japan and Nazi Germany. Or President George W. Bush using the planes for 9/11 as a cover-up for actually blowing up the Twin Towers, blaming terrorists. Giving validation to go to war in the Middle East. Maybe to gain more oil?

Just enough plausibility sows doubt in people’s minds, leading them to their own evidence and explanation. 

Why are prices for food skyrocketing? Because of supply chain issues. Because of Covid. But it wasn’t as bad as during the height of the pandemic. So what’s really going on? Is it an excuse for price gouging or something bigger?   

Perhaps recycling doesn’t really matter for beer bottles, and it’s just an excuse for the big corporations to save and make even more money.

Arguably the most famous conspiracy revolves around the JFK assassination, and it’s still debated and discussed today. Simply because even the official report isn’t confident in its findings. The video of him being shot first, then his head blown backwards gives a strong reason for a second sniper. Expert, professional snipers have tried to reload with the same gun, but it took longer. 

So did Lee Harvey Oswald do it alone? For his own personal reasons? Did Jack Ruby kill him to keep him silent for those actually behind it all? Some say it was mob. Others, communists, Castro wanting revenge for the Bay of Pigs invasion. Even the CIA. Or even VP Lyndon Johnson to escalate America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. 

It’s been ingrained in us for so long that we’ll either never know the full truth, or everyone will not completely agree on the truth. 

Conspiracies aren’t going anywhere. We just need to take everything with a grain of salt, but also be prepared to trust. Be careful where you get information from, do research, and be prepared if you’re right or wrong. For people to disagree. What will be the next “conspiracy”?

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