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November 4, 2015   ·   0 Comments

Dear Prime Minister-Designate,

First, congratulations on becoming Can- ada’s next PM. I’d now like to offer some comments on ‘items of the moment’.

1. 24 Sussex Drive

I support the idea that this should be a national competition where proposals to renovate or build new are offered. I also support that this should be a ‘green’ building which is energy neutral or positive and should be a showcase for Canadian ‘green’ capabilities, products etc.

Proponents should also offer an innovative financing Plan in order that the public purse is not overly burdened. It’s hard to set a budget, but it might have some symbolism e.g. $35M representing the population of Canada at a $1.00 per person.

2. Bombardier

It should be recognised that Canada is one of the few countries in the world that design and build aircraft and that its products are ‘world class’ and represent innovation both in their Commercial aircraft and Business aircraft. They provide a goodly number of direct and indirect jobs and should be helped as opposed to slagged.

I would suggest:

a) the Government of Canada offer a loan(non-forgivable) equal to Quebec’s $1B


b) that a means be found for the Government of Canada to replace the “Harper Air” antique tarted up Airbus with a ‘C’ Series aircraft with ‘ETOPS’ capability. Also, find ways to operate other current Bombardier aircraft such as the Challenger and Global series. These then become showcases of Canadian capability where the Government can be proud and not have to make excuses for travelling around in old or other people’s outdated aircraft.

c) As a sidenote the Toronto Transit Commission should pursue financial compensation for the late delivery of rail cars, but analyse the Supply Chain and take more interest in how and where the various components and assemblies are built and where the problems/issues are originating. I imagine they have enough talent, both technical and otherwise, to contribute to a solution.

3. Partial Sale of Hydro One

I recognise this a not a federal undertaking, but I’m of the view that a majority of electricity consuming Ontarians do not support the initiative and there are now a number of reports published that conclude it will not work out well.

Perhaps, since you appear to be friendly with Premier Wynne, you can communicate to her “Kathleen, this is not a bright idea, pull out, we can work with you on the infrastructure program”

Hopefully, she may listen to you, where as she appears to have a deaf ear for Ontarians.

Anthony Howard

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