Is there a way out?

April 6, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Constance Scrafield

It seems that very few conversations of any length can dodge the subject of the current American President. All are awash with astonishment, fear, outrage, sadness. That his adjutants say the same things as he does startles and confounds people. One can almost hear the scrambling on the part of the “other” Republicans and the military commanders as they endeavour to mitigate the damage being done on a minute-to-minute basis.

These are trying times.

History is replete with villainous leaders and their henchmen, all equally dealing out the bad news for the state of the world; indeed, this present day is rampant with those very creatures, not just in the USA, by any means. Donald Trump, however, sits upon the throne of the so-called “most powerful country in the world.” Additionally, as an unimaginable buffoon along with his other failings, he gets the centre stage in the press more often than not, especially on this side of the pond.

Left untethered, untaught and in power, the administration of the Trump regime will cause serious economic decline in the U.S., which will affect the rest of the world; a shuffle of power across the board, which will certainly alter global balance; and he might cause a conflict which will make the rest of it irrelevant as he melts the whole bloody works in a nuclear holocaust. Followed by the winter, as scientists have no doubt told him: he doesn’t believe anything they say.

Strangest of all, every inch of the man longs for this. That is the biggest problem of all.

Well, well, Constance, such optimism…

Trump can and, maybe soon will, be impeached for his endless business irregularities; or – isn’t there a rule against it? – nepotism : his fashion designer daughter in the top of the government echelon; his son-in-law likewise engaged to head a new department, created especially for his employment; or incompetence – that shouldn’t too hard to prove; here is hoping someone does so before he actually does push the red button.

Even so, they get rid of him, look who stands to take over but the equally scary Mike Pence. Trump has carefully selected like minded souls to work with him – of course.

Openly and behind secret laboratory doors, scientists, mad and otherwise, are working on dissection and re-organizing of the human being: the psyche, physical and emotional workings of what it is to be human at the moment. So, stronger, faster, smarter and more durable are all aspects of this research. Longevity.

Always, since a man/ape picked up a strong branch to bash another man/ape into submission for the sake of acquiring his cave or woman – greed, power – all the same old motives, all through the ages, have led and are still leading to every war there ever was and is. All violence is about  greed and/or power and, to some extent, in some situations, self-defence.

Even domestic abuse is mostly about the subjugation of one person by another.

What if the mad or otherwise scientists working openly and covertly began to subdue the  impulse for greed and power? What if the deepest part of us that demands violence from us so easily and, often, at the slightest provocation was reached and quelled?

Would we be safer drivers?

Let there be no doubt that the crave for violence runs as deeply within us as any impulse or emotional need in our make up. That is why, when a truly non violent person comes into focus – famous, like Jesus, Gandhi, John Lennon, Mother Teresa, (but she was a woman and, therefore, less of threat) – lots of others – they had to be killed off before they convinced too many people of the power of peace.

Like peace, so many virtues are powerful: equal rights, good stewardship of the planet, care for the elderly, ill and disabled – the poor. Equalizing the wealth of the earth so that poverty disappears – all that sort of thing – have tremendous power.

Power to heal. Power to bestow happiness. Power to create.

Power to end war.

However, the world is still being run by those who do not believe in any of that nonsense and would surely see the next big news “peacenik” fall to an assassin. Does this mean that we have to be re-made, our genetics re-set in order to bring sanity at last and the possibility of continued existence, which is a bit up in the air at the moment?

Deep in the Himalayan Mountains, the tiny Buddhist country, Bhutan, maintains a Gross National Happiness, yet a way has been found to incorporate modern technology with ancient values. Human beings putting the welfare of their emotional lives and the planet first.

It can be done.

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