In giving, we receive

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In giving,

we receive

St. Francis of Assisi is known to have said “for it is in giving that we receive”. Last night we celebrated another yearly supper honouring Telecheck volunteers at the Seniors Centre in Orangeville.

For two of us, it marks our 11th year as volunteers for this wonderful organization, which supports seniors living in their homes, alone or with a spouse or who may be caregiving a spouse suffering from an aging disorder.

Telecheck was formed 12 years ago on the impetus of one gentleman whose wife had just died, leaving him with five cats and limited contact with the outside world. Not having immediate family, he worried that if something happened to him, the cats would not be cared for. Thus, he called the Distress Centre in Guelph, now called Community Torchlight, and his concerns were heard. Telecheck was born.

It operates with one paid manager, Katherine Johnson, and two to three part-time staff, plus a roster of well-trained volunteers who call seniors in their homes, once or twice a day; seniors who may live alone, who may need support, who may need information as to where to go for help in the community.

Once one is a client, Telecheck follows that client for as long as the service is wanted. As a senior myself, I enjoy speaking with other seniors, both younger and older than myself.  It is in speaking to those who are so courageously aging that I find it puts my own life into perspective. Even though our call is a quick  “Hello, how are you today?” and sometimes more, I find that I am so often inspired by our clients that I’m grateful to have had the training Telecheck provides in respectful listening.

If you are interested in volunteering in our community or in need of Telecheck’s services as a senior over the age of 55, please call 519-415-3764.

It is so very true, that “in giving, we receive”.

Sandra Small Proudfoot,

Volunteer, Telecheck Dufferin

Mono Council has ‘fiduciary duty’

A copy of the following letter to Mono Mayor Laura Ryan and the town’s council was submitted for publication:

Subject: Your Appeal of NEC Development Permit D/L/2014/2015/308

Dear Mayor Ryan and Mono Councilors

The agenda for your Apr. 25th, 2016 Council Session lists an In Camera session with your Town Solicitor at which time I assume you will be discussing the subject line above. In your capacity as elected officials I would like you to take into consideration the following points:

1) Your appeal of the above permit was based on incorrect information that misled you as to the size and scope of the application.

The application has now been clearly defined to everyone.  The application in question has already been thoroughly examined by three environmental bodies who did not find any significant environmental concerns.  One of your Councilors has visited the site, witnessed the proposed activity and expressed his written support.

2) You were elected to support the interests of all of your residents and not just the select few who are more vocal.  Several neighbours have not expressed any objections to the above permit, and in fact a significant number have expressed support.  So how can the Town, in good conscience, actively assist the interests of some rate payers over others with the use of ratepayer money?

3) You have a fiduciary duty to spend the Town’s resources wisely.  Can you morally or financially justify the money you are spending to oppose low profile waterski competitions, when you routinely support many other sporting events and activities run on a much larger scale?  Surely, there is a better use for those funds.

4) The Town’s appeal of the application and request for a special events permit are unprecedented.  What merits these unprecedented actions and request?

5) It is my understanding that Mr. Singer, in the spirit of compromise has tried to satisfy your concerns as per his Mar. 31st, 2016 letter to your solicitor.  Yet the Town’s response has been to draft a four-page issue list which only makes any resolution of matters far less likely and guarantees that the costs to all will escalate significantly. Water Ski Wakeboard Ontario members fully intend to support the above Development Permit Application, and we have enlisted the support of our federal parent organization, Water Ski Wakeboard Canada.

I sincerely hope you can find it in your hearts to consider a pragmatic resolution for what should be a simple application for a healthy, environmentally responsible and desirable activity.

I would appreciate the courtesy of a reply so I can advise our political action committee of your position.


Stephen Collins

V.P. Traditional

Water Ski Wakeboard Ontario.

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