In Defence of Storeys

April 23, 2014   ·   0 Comments

While I am sure that Win Hand’s home at 8 Parson Street does include a very good story, I am left wondering what the half story can possible pertain to – a person, a place, a special event as yet unknown?

I draw this to your attention in the hopes that before council approves this designation request by passing a by-law that still includes this unfortunate wording which is then registered on the property, someone on the Heritage Committee or a member of staff at the Town of Orangeville will correct the spelling to read one-and-half storeys.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a storey is “any of the parts into which a building is divided horizontally,” in this particular instance, infinitely preferable to “an account of imaginary or past events.”

When a language contains two perfectly good words to describe two entirely different things, surely there can be little, if any, reason to deny the distinction,  particularly in the matter of architectural description.

Shelagh Roberts



Thanks for help with contest


My husband and I would like to send a huge thank you to the Orangeville Citizen and to all the locals who voted for our “Pirate Pete’s Crafty Ship” video entry in CityTV and Advil’s “More Time to Play” contest.

Although we didn’t win the $10 000 prize, we will receive a secondary prize of $500. The final voting numbers will not be publicly released, but the Project Manager for the contest informed us that we did VERY WELL and that we were “neck and neck” with another entrant for first place until the very end when the Mess Free Finger-Painting entrant pulled suddenly ahead and won.

Thanks again to the Citizen and reporter Tabitha Wells for the terrific photo and article and for helping to spread the word. It really meant a lot. We know that our community was really supportive and feel blessed to live in such a great town!

Susan Fraser-Holmes

and Darren Holmes

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