Ideas to help reduce Orangeville’s taxes

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A copy of this letter to Frank Gray was submitted for publication:

Mr. Gray;

I truly appreciate your articles in the Orangeville Citizen and am totally behind you.

Most of the items below have been corresponded to the council members including local media in the past three years and I have personally written to some of the incumbent councillors as late as this week.

1: Sell the Tony Rose arena (constantly losing money due to age and under-utilization)

2: Close one of the libraries (in view of Internet and tablet availability of books, etc., and under-utilization)

3: Use the funds from above to build two sheets of ice at the Alder location

4: Utilize the Alder pool to the fullest capacity (more hours open including statutory holidays) and use the rest of the money to pay our Town debt off.

5: Eliminate providing vehicles for all of the town officials (except the fire chief) and pay them for business mileage.

6: Start scrutinizing work in progress, such as snow removal on sidewalks with minimal snowfall,   Providing manned vehicle every time a snow removal is performed by having a sign stating “SNOW        REMOVAL” this could be accomplished by a movable sign.(just to mention a few).

7: Look at energy savings in public buildings such as having most of the lights turned off and especially at the Alder arena and turning off TVs while not in use.

Are all the lights energy efficient? This was observed by yours truly and reported to Rob Adams.

8: The recent approval by the Council to provide directional signs for the tourists throughout town is absurd and as pointed by Councillor Don Kidd we have a $600,000 information centre and why not use it instead?

The Council also approved $25,000 to Pan Am so they can run thru our Town while their executives spend money lavishly.

9: Every aspect of daily operation of the entire Orangeville Public Works, management, front-line workers has to be analyzed for efficiency and necessities

10: There is no committee in place to start perusal of new business in town that would alleviate residential tax rate but to accomplish this we have to lower business taxes, which are at an all-time high. I have provided some ideas how to accomplish this.

11: The Council should consider spending our money as if it was their own and not just nonchalantly award and spend as if it was no end of a purse. Always ask yourself, would I spend if this were my money?

As I stated to some of the Councillors it is very nice to be a nice person and appease a few but it takes courage and true leadership to lead fiscally and responsibly.

Finally, it is obvious to a lot of us that the Council is divided on many issues and I sincerely urge them  to start working as a team with a common goal of making it easier for the town populace to survive today’s unprecedented high cost of living and get this town moving in the right direction.

Since Tony Rose arena and the library is a huge item I suggest that this be put through referendum during the next election (so we do not spend additional money).

Tony rose is very old and needs constant upgrade, latest being a $10,000 scoreboard voted by the council.

Remember, we are a Town of 30,000 and certainly do not need duplication of services.

Peter Jovic


A wonderful

program, beautiful place

Last month I had a knee replacement.  Through an organization called “Bridging You Home”, I had the privilege of staying at the Lord Dufferin Centre to recuperate.   Wonderful program.  Beautiful place.

I received a warm welcome from the Owners, Dave & Donna Holwell.  My Nurse Patricia and Physiotherapist Susan both did a great job getting me up and around again.

The staff, helpers, cook and residents were all wonderful and willing to help. I had a really good time.

Thank you and wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a good 2015.

Mary Vandendam

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