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Handicapped parking along Broadway

Attention: Mayor Lisa Post and Council, where is the handicapped parking on Broadway?

The town spent a great deal of time and money building up the sidewalks on Broadway. This was supposed to ease accessibility into the stores at that location. Thank you for that effort!

During my delegation of March 2023, Mayor Post spoke about grandfathering the stores on Broadway as far as accessibility. I indicated to her that people with walkers and canes still needed to be able to go in and out of the stores. Why would they grandfather this area? St. Mark's Church is a very old building, and yet it is still totally accessible. The doors have handicap buttons. There are parking spaces designated for handicapped people. Even though the church is 175 years old, it is not grandfathered, but it's totally accessible.

Apparently, the handicapped parking at the pain clinic was checked out by the by-law officers. They did not see any issue with handicapped parking. Yellow lines were painted on the ground indicating a pedestrian walkway. At the south end is blue paint, barely visible, indicating handicapped parking. A heavy garbage bin was placed on top of the handicapped parking spot. The new handicapped parking space at this location is at the farthest point away from the door. Check, and you will find the handicapped parking space is there but mostly covered up.

Excessive garbage and overflowing bins continue to be an issue at many of the local restaurants. By-law officers driving around see these violations, so they should speak to the owners of these businesses. 

Angel's Diner, among other restaurants, continues to have bins that are not covered, that are derelict and that are filled with excessive garbage. I was sitting in my vehicle when I noticed someone bring garbage and just throw it in the open bin. As I mentioned, this easy access to garbage attracts animals and rats. Not something we want to have populated in the town. It is both unsanitary and dangerous. Show some responsibility for the safety of families and their pets. 

Hopefully, the Mayor and Council can use the by-law officers to continue to establish handicapped parking and clean up the town. Something was said, but something was not done.

Keith McKibbon

Orangeville, Ont.

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