Gordanier to carry Provincial Liberal in Dufferin-Caledon this spring

April 18, 2022   ·   0 Comments

By Mark Pavilons

Several contentious issues, along with a perceived lack of leadership are what led Bob Gordanier into the political arena.

Gordanier was named as the Ontario Liberal candidate in Dufferin-Caledon at last week’s nomination meeting.

Gordanier contends that Doug Ford and incumbent Sylvia Jones “have shown that they don’t have the leadership skills to run our province.”

He charged that Jones advocates for dividing Dufferin-Caledon by building Highway 413 through the middle of the riding.

“We cannot continue to pave over 2000 acres of farmland, forest, wetlands, and, most importantly, our precious Greenbelt. The Ford government and Sylvia Jones have absolutely no interest in food security, in supporting the farmers that help feed us, but they sure know how to waste billions of taxpayer dollars on a highway that hurts our environment and community.”

The former president of Beef Farmers of Ontario, Gordanier said he’s always been an advocate for sustainable agriculture.

“When our environment and community became threatened, I knew I had to step up. I will fight tooth and nail to make sure that we protect our environment for the future of our children. Sustainability is the only way we can move forward.”

Dufferin-Caledon and Ontario have priorities that need fixing, he said. He vowed to tackle some of the top issues in the riding.

Increased funding for healthcare is on the Liberal agenda. COVID-19 has shown the importance of adequate healthcare funding.

“We need hospital beds, but there is no healthcare without the nurses, support staff, and doctors to look after the patients.”

He pointed out his late wife, Elsie, was a nurse and worked tirelessly to take care of her patients, “but without adequate funding to support the overworked hospital staff, we cannot fix the system that we have.

“I will also fiercely advocate for a fixed long-term care system that treats our seniors with the dignity and respect they deserve. We need adequate funding for our healthcare system and hospitals in our riding, like Headwaters. I will advocate day-in-day-out for that at Queen’s Park.”

Gordanier also said the Liberals would stop the cuts to education.

“I believe that education is the key to our children’s success, and we need to give our educators the tools they need to do the job. For every dollar spent on education, $1.30 returns back to the economy. But Doug Ford believes that cuts to education are the way to go ­– he’s wrong. We cannot jeopardize the future of our kids. Ontario Liberals will not only reverse Doug Ford’s cuts to education, but we’ll invest $75 million for mental health support. We will also reduce class sizes to 20 students because we believe in the power of our teachers interacting with students.”

The Liberals have a plan for “economic dignity.”

Gordanier said he was proud to join Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca on stage as he announced the plan to restore economic dignity in Ontario. Liberals will replace the minimum wage with a regional living wage starting at $16 and will reimburse employers for 10 paid sick days. They will support all Ontario workers with dental, drug, and mental health benefits, and match $1,000 in annual retirement savings for low-income earners.

“Many workers have struggled during the pandemic and we’re making sure that ends now,” he said.

Affordability and the cost of housing is also a top concern.

“It’s no secret that the cost of living keeps going up in Ontario. We need to increase the housing supply and build more homes that Ontarians can actually afford. We must also protect renters to ensure that they can afford their living expenses. Under Doug Ford’s leadership, changes to rental controls have left families facing double-digit surges in rental costs.”

Gordanier said success doesn’t have to be measured in your finances; it can be in family achievements and through many other ways.

He said he boasts listening skills and is a good problem-solver. He’s served as a police officer and firefighter and has been a long-term resident of the riding. He’s also farmed for 40 years and been on most agricultural associations in Dufferin County.

“I am a leader and champion in the agriculture industry, and now I’m ready to lead the residents of Dufferin-Caledon into a better future.”

Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca, he says, is a leader who will bring Ontario forward.

“I’m proud to be running under his leadership, and I know that once this campaign starts, people will see his ideas and decision-making as far superior to Doug Ford.”

Gordanier is also a cheerleader for the riding as a whole, which has a lot to offer.

“What’s better than the nature is the fantastic people and many communities that make our community great. Bolton, Caledon Village, Orangeville, Southfields, Shelburne, and every community in between is filled with people that support their communities and want to see them thrive ­– and so do I.

“For our residents and communities to thrive, we need to stop Ministerial Zoning Orders that go against our community’s interests. We need to invest in education so that our students can get ahead. We need to build housing in Dufferin-Caledon that young people, families, and seniors alike can afford. We need to push forward for environmental stewardship and protection in the face of the climate crisis. The list goes on and on but I am the person that understands your needs and is most committed to serving our community to advocate for these issues.”

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