Global Pet Foods launches ‘Show Us Your Heart’ fundraiser

February 10, 2016   ·   0 Comments

For more than 40 years, Global Pet Foods has actively supported local companion animal charities and local shelter organizations. It is the largest Canadian-owned chain of speciality pet food and supply stores.

From February 12-28, Global Pet Foods is hosting their annual “Show Us Your Heart” fundraiser. Global Pet Foods Orangeville is showing their heart in this fundraiser by getting involved in the Orangeville SPCA and Animal Alliance of Canada – Project Jessie.

Project Jessie focuses on animals in the community that are in the greatest need – the ones that no one else will help – like’Missy, Project Jessie’s latest ‘project’ pup. She is a Great Dane cross who was found stray.

Missy is afraid of everything human, but is very sweet and gentle and loves other animals.

She is currently in a foster home, where her new owner and the resident hound dog, Daisy, are teaching her how to be a confident and happy dog that she is deep down.

Pet parents can show their support by visiting Global Pet Foods Orangeville and donating as little as $1 which will then be matched by Global Pet Foods. You could also help in this fundraiser by purchasing a paper heart for $5 and Global Pet Foods will donate $1 as well as give purchasers 10 bonus Air Miles.

All the money raised from this event will be donated to local animal shelters and pet rescue groups for shelter, care and treatment for the animals that need it the most.

Small-town pet shelters, like those in Orangeville, often struggle to raise the necessary fundings to keep open and pay every pet’s vet bills.

Every donation made during “Show Us Your Heart” can make a difference to pets in need and the people who are caring for them.

Since its inception, the Show Us Your Heart fundraiser has raised over $1,000,000 to help care for thousands of homeless animals across Canada. There is no limit of donations, and every little bit goes towards making a huge difference.

And for a chance to win great prizes, visit and enter the Show Us Your Pet Contest by sharing a photo of you and your pet.

By Victoria Botelho

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