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As I travel the globe I look to our international news sources to keep abreast of the election progress and development. My take on the media information and political techniques is that the mainstream of focus and information is primarily fl uff and not genuinely focused on the genuine issues facing our population.

I am not anti gay, but far too often the squeaky wheel gets the oil and truthfully gay issues should be in appropriate line to what are really the most signifi cant issues facing Canadians.

If our country was faced with any epidemic affecting more than fi fty percent of our population, there would be an immediate focus on research and development to comprehend the realistic effects of the affl iction and a strategy to bring about wellness.

The primary issues facing Canadians is an environment that is not geared primarily to corporate profi t at the expense of reduction of citizens participation in the workforce. I get the effi ciency of robotic and computer manipulations calculations. Government’s responsibility is not to give jobs but it does have a responsibility to encourage an industrious country that does prosper from an educated population that should have a reasonable opportunity to apply their human resources skills to productive prosperity for all concerned.

In my opinion a governmental study on the causes and effects of failed marriage, should be part of Canada’s prime political issues and carried forward into post election programs.

Failed marriages are a complex result of social pressures, unskilled population that studies for almost every important part of aspiring careers, except the most signifi cant human interaction of all (personal relationships).

With more than 50% marriage failures, what are the true effects? How many marriages end up in some sort of litigation that is more about dispute, conflict and aggressive punitive battles instead of helpful guidance to fair and moral solutions?

The conflicts of marriage failures affects individuals to being emotionally distraught and diverts more than 50% of our population to be somehow less effective individuals. It is a known medical fact that optimistic individuals are far more productive than those struggling with stress and conflicts.

Marriage failure is not all about individuals but integral with the overall problems that face our society as a whole.

The Canadian Government’s most important job of all is to assist in a system that provides opportunities for citizens to have a realistic chance to work, prosper and enjoy a pleasant life. Shift the focus of marriage dispute and court to educated unity of focus on better and functional lives is one of our most ineffective arenas. Solutions do exist to reduce the carnage, the overall burden on our society and are measurable by proper governmental statistical study as to how much of our overall human resources are being wasted and applied in unproductive ways.

The stupidity of tunnel vision focus on tiny issues like whether Mike Duffy was entitled to governmental funds is worthy of only one article and some minor follow up. It does not amount to a hill of beans regarding what our political leaders should be focusing on. When I think of the real amount of concentration and focus on such issues, it is obvious that our whole political system and the media willingness to perpetuate efforts, just shows how ineffective our system is.

Government and media – get focused on really what costs our country the most, where we are failing and what some of the genuine fixes need to be. People do want to be productive, happy and healthy.

We need to be inspired to use our individual capabilities to build a better country. We need opportunities to work for a living, make prideful contributions to individual and national prosper(not just feeding corporate bottom lines). We need an ecological environment that is not going to exterminate all humanity. We need appropriate medical assistance when necessary and we need an overall society that is about healthy and successful relationships (not just following imposed regulations but good wishes for our fellow man, woman and country as a whole – regardless of race, religion, personal persuasion . . .)

This is about genuinely paying attention to being only one harmonious race. THE HUMAN RACE

. Most of all we need our sleeves rolled up, working with government leadership that is about pride to be together identifying and tackling the real challenges we face. I’m for the party in Canada that is about incorporating vision from all Canadians, not just battling against others because their party has a different title. That means a political system that sees parties coming together and all agreeing on the right courses of action – not just party dispute because someone’s sound ideas originate from a different party. I hope for a minority government that takes the best resources of all political ideologies and takes care of business, not worthless political gamesmanship.

I believe the source of a good deal of Canada’s problems can be solved by getting couples educated, out of court and more skilfully working together in the big picture.

D’Arcy Kennedy

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