From the ring to the automotive world, Ryan Wagner earns top Nissan honours

October 12, 2018   ·   0 Comments

These days he greets customers on the dealership floor at Orangeville Nissan, but prior to joining the automotive world Ryan Wagner was already well known as a professional boxer with an impressive record and a big local following.

Since hanging up the gloves in 2016, he has done a complete 180 in his career choice, and it turns it out it was the right move.

Ryan recently took the Nissan company challenge to see who could sell the most Nissan Titan trucks and after a three month national sprint for the most sales, he came out on top.

“Nissan has a huge line-up. There’s a vehicle for everyone,” Ryan explained of the Titan contest. “Whether you’re looking for small car or a big truck or a heavy duty truck, we’ve got one. Nissan builds the best truck (Titan) on the market. For the last quarter, Nissan had a contest from June 31, to August 31. It was every province, every dealership in the country, for who could sell the most Titans. I got first place in the country. I was the only one in the top 15 from Ontario. Everyone else was from the West.”

While the contest came with a bonus for the top sales, Ryan said he was pretty happy about just having the ‘bragging rights’ for the accomplishment.

Ryan got into car sales on the advice of friend who also worked at a dealership. With his career as a boxer reaching its end, he knew he would eventually have to transition to a more traditional career to earn a living.

“A friend of mine who was a manager at Nissan at the time boxed at the gym. He said ‘Ryan, have you thought about car sales? You know everyone in town and you have a good reputation.”

After spending the first few months learning the ropes of the auto industry, he started selling.

“I like talking to people, I’m a pretty talkative guy,” Ryan said of why he likes the job. “I like meeting people and I like coming to work. I drove a Nissan before I came here so I like the product. A car is a big investment and I’m happy to help them out.”

It turns out he’s a natural. He sold his first four cars to to the first four people he spoke to then followed up selling 200 cars in his first eight months as a sales person.

This year he’s trending to finish the year with close to 300 sales.

He credits the staff he works with as being supportive as well as professional and that, he says, makes a big difference on the job.

Born and raised in Orangeville, Ryan has been active in local sports and the community his entire life.

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