Former classmate applauds Hoy

August 5, 2015   ·   0 Comments

I was delighted to have forwarded to me today the Content piece by my old Ryerson Journalism schoolmate Claire Hoy.

I see that Claire has not lost his journalism skills although the “porkchop” shows he may have lost a few strands of hair since the 1960s. Claire never did suffer fools gladly, so his advocacy for the Monument To The Victims of Communism (Citizen, May 21) is very welcome.

I personally have tried to support this venture by our government, via letters to the editor to several well-known Canadian dailies, but with mixed success.

There appears to be some “selective filtering” going on as to what gets printed when somebody pro this project sends in a letter or an op-ed piece.

So kudos to the Citizen for running Claire’s welcome opinion.

As a former journalist, and somebody born in Eastern Europe during the Second World War, it has been a lifetime battle to get far too many in Canadian journalist ranks to admit to the evils of communism. It’s “crickets chirping” and “let’s change the subject” when it comes to an honest debate on what happened under communism and indeed continues to this very day. And as Claire notes, that seems to start at the top with Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin herself.

Good thing Prime Minister Harper is not listening.

Andy Neimers,

Sooke, B.C.

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