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CO$T 26 just endorsed worldwide government control over forest sustainability and restoration.  I expect new federal legislation to “protect” Canadian trees from harvesting; instead, it will discourage tree planting.
Meanwhile, the EU declared wood a “renewable resource;” so the UK promptly converted the coal-burning Drax electrical generating plant to wood pellets.  It will burn 70,000 tonnes a day of wood.
The wood will come mainly from forests in North Carolina, harvested using diesel machines, dried and converted into pellets in oil-fired factories and shipped in diesel trucks, ships and railways to the Drax plant in the UK.
In China, the world’s largest garbage-burning generation plant was built. China converts garbage into energy instead of landfill and methane, as we do in Canada.
It is reported that 400 private jet aircraft conveyed “green” energy enthusiasts to Glasgow, where 20 Tesla cars bought for their transport will be charged by a diesel generator because there are no Tesla-specific charging stations in the area.  Few travelled there by sailboat or bicycle.  “Mr Tesla,” Elon Musk, has offered $6 billion of his fortune to the UN.
As a Managed Forester who has planted about 25,000 trees for sustainable harvests starting in the next century, my reaction may be predictable.

Charles Hooker

East Garafraxa, Ont.

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