Focus on Family Transition Place and domestic violence

April 13, 2023   ·   0 Comments

The focus of my letter is two-fold: one, to thank the Citizen for supporting my recent quilt donation to Family Transition Place, ‘Travelling the Silk Road’, by sharing it with others.  

The funds raised through this raffle are to be used for the direct support of victims in residence at FTP. It is also my thank you to Family Transition Place for the support extended to me over this past year and a half of my life.  

Quilts historically represent connections… family, stability, and the expression of the creative spirit that allowed women to overcome the hardships in their lives, especially in pioneer times. 

I see a correlation between this and the purpose of Family Transition Place in their support of women, and children, family pets included, who are facing the pain, suffering and hardships of domestic violence. 

For the past 36 years now, Family Transition Place has offered a safe haven for such victims. 

From a small safe home in Orangeville, they have moved and expanded to their present location at 20 Bredin Parkway. They can accommodate up to 28 women and children in their residence now, and there is seldom an empty bed at the shelter. This leads me to my second focus and it is this: 

Family Transition Place is now looking to expand its services and facilities.

FTP has applied for a grant to expand its present residential facilities. FTP’s goal is to build a three-story, 22-unit apartment building to provide safe and truly affordable housing for women and children in crisis. Together with their Development Partner, Raising the Roof, they have been working for over eighteen months on funding applications, including this, their most recent grant application to the third round stream of the Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI) funding stream, facilitated by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). 

A successful application will see a $12 million federal investment in our community and a building, when completed, in which families, women and children may move into hopefully in less than eighteen months. 

In this application, Family Transition Place has received letters of support from the Town of Orangeville, the County of Dufferin and our two local federal and provincial government representatives. 

Unless you have experienced domestic violence, it may be difficult to understand the trauma involved. For victims, dealing with the reality of their lives after years of abuse can be very painful and financially challenging. One of the most hurtful questions a victim may be asked is, “why don’t you just leave?” thus blaming and stereotyping the victims themselves. 

Domestic violence can occur in any racial, educational, ethnic, socioeconomic, religious or cultural background. 

Perpetrators seldom abuse in public. In fact, they often appear to be charming individuals; they abuse behind closed doors. 

Over time, Family Transition Place has provided protection and housing to many victims, including that of an 85 year old woman to that of a baby only a few weeks old. Family Transition Place is a very important part of our community here. I hope they receive their grant this time around.

The draw for this quilt will be held at the shelter on May 1 at 11 a.m. Tickets are still available at Family Transition Place for $10 each.  

Sandra Small Proudfoot

Mono, Ontario

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