First ever ‘Coming Home Festival’ hits Amaranth this August

June 23, 2022   ·   0 Comments

By Isabel Buckmaster

The idea for Coming Home Festival, a music and wellness festival being held in Amaranth, came to “longtime music lover” and event organizer, Christine LaRock while she was meditating one morning.

“I’ve always gone to festivals and I’m a holistic practitioner so I’ve gone to lots of wellness events but I’ve never really attended something that encompasses both,” said LaRock. “So yeah, that was the original concept and it’s just continued to grow and blossom into this wonderful event.”

The festival, which takes place August 5-7, will feature several local bands, including Black Suit Devils and The Hip Experience. There will also be an artisan market, drum circles, sound baths and “spontaneous” musical interludes.

Artists are encouraged to wander with an instrument or use their voices to create music on the 100 acre hillside property, of which 34 acres is being utilized for the festival.

A sound bath “is the most peaceful experience you can have,” according to LaRock; a form of meditation with music where “the receivers” set intentions or lie in silence.

“Somebody could perhaps play the didgeridoo or chimes over your heart chakra, by your ears, and it just allows your nervous system to just completely calm down and you’re brought to a completely altered state,” she said.

Some of the other instruments used for a sound bath include crystal bowls, gongs, shakers, rattlers, and rain sticks that carry a specific vibration.

During the lockdown, LaRock had many friends in the music industry that suffered when they couldn’t perform. Whenever the opportunity arose thereafter, LaRock attended drum circles at the property where the festival is being held. Those who hosted the drum circles became good friends with LaRock and partnered up to hold the festival.

“I’m just so excited that our festival gets to be one of those things where (musicians) can get up, do what they love and have a monetary exchange for the gift that they’re giving to us,” said LaRock.

Andy DuRego, singer/songwriter for Black Suit Devils, an acoustic blues rock group performing at Coming Home Festival, is “so excited” for the event. During the first lockdown, DuRego went from being a full-time working musician to having over 300 tour dates cancelled across the country.

“My household relied on the income so, in terms of morale, it really brought everything down and held everything to a standstill,” said DuRego, who also lives with depression. His partner, Puppett Garrell, DuRego’s partner and “the better half of Black Suit,” works behind the scenes for the band.

“It was the perfect storm, an ultimate low, I guess. But when you’re in the moment, it’s so ‘go, go, go’ that you forget to appreciate the beautiful connections that you make, especially on the road and such.”

Black Suit Devil will play several songs matching the festival’s vibes, from working on yourself, to the greater good of mankind, and positivity. His go-to number to close a set, ‘Dreams’ off the band’s first record, is a song that DuRego wrote for himself.

“I can be my own worst enemy at times when it comes to having the confidence in everything I pursue in life, and it’s a song about just never giving up, and I usually say a few words prior to playing it,” said DuRego, whose new album, Eternal Sleep, will release later this year.  “I think we all need to look inside ourselves and see what a gift it is that we have to give back and hopefully inspire the next generation to do better.”

Coming Home Festival takes place August 5-7, with tickets at $90 for a day pass or around $250 for the complete weekend package. Early bird tickets are being offered until July 1.

The event has limited capacity.

Visit to learn more about the festival.

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