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December 15, 2022   ·   0 Comments


PM Trudeau has torn this nation apart:  West versus East, elites versus impoverished, pro-“global warming” versus anti-“global warming” advocates, cellphone users versus the rest of us, farmers versus urbanites.  His latest ploy is to sneak a 300-plus-page “amendment” into a Liberal regulation late on a Friday afternoon to ban privately-owned firearms.

Many rules for urban and rural citizens should be different; regulations at the municipal level should govern such matters as firearm ownership.  But, not only has PM Trudeau usurped provincial authorities in his legislation; he is dipping into local governance as well.  New gleams in federal eyes include “preserving” 30 per cent of Canada as wilderness areas and “protecting” more “endangered” species.  The only Canadian species being killed die in cities, not on farms or ranches.

Stupid laws are often simply ignored by honest citizens, but the habit may then be extended to ignore legitimate laws (examples:  speed limits and gun smuggling regulations).  Did anyone read Bill C-21 after it was presented to committee late on Friday afternoon?

My inclination is to allow Trudeau and company to continue in office so that they must eventually confront their bad habits in order to prevent a mass exodus of fed-up refugees to other countries.  But that would not serve my children’s and grandchildren’s interests.  I trust that voters will rid us of this meddlesome prince as soon as possible.

Charles Hooker  

East Garafraxa

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