Enjoy the outside, but be tick aware

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I want to thank James Matthews for writing the article on Lyme disease to help raise awareness.  I have Lyme people contacting me regularly looking for help and information.

The current list includes three people from Shelburne, two from Mono, two from Hockley Valley, two from Amaranth and three from Orangeville. There are many others throughout Ontario.

Enjoy the outdoors,a but please make sure you, your children, grandchildren do a tick check and shower when returning from the outdoors.

Taking the necessary steps can stop Lyme disease in it’s tracks. Information on prevention and proper tick removal can be found at

Have a wonderful outdoor season and stay tick free!

Kim Kerr


Earth Day, Shine Day 2014 successes


It didn’t snow this year!!  Approximately 250 volunteers came out to plant 1000 trees/shrubs and to pick up a bulk bin full of garbage from the ditches and parks in Orangeville.  It was a very successful day.

Thanks to the Province of Ontario for the $10K grant which enabled us to buy 1000 trees to plant at the Edelbrock Centre and at Montgomery Village Seniors Community.  Our partner, Credit Valley Conservation provided the tree planting plan, the trees, equipment and instruction.

We could not do it without them.

Thanks to the Rotary Club of Orangeville for organizing Make Orangeville Shine and providing the BBQ.

Tim Horton’s provided shirts/bags/gloves but very importantly coffee and donuts and sponsored the BBQ.  And Montgomery Village Seniors Community hosted us and provided us with a lovely venue to headquarter the events and bus service.

The volunteers were terrific and came in all sizes and ages from youngsters just learning to walk right up to senior citizens.  It is a wonderful way to teach children about stewardship and get them involved in the community.

There was a job for every ability including the hard digging, placing mats and tree covers, picking up buckets, monitoring, cooking and picking up the garbage.

A large event like today is not possible without the help and co-operation of many partners and I would like to sincerely thank each and every volunteer and sponsor that came out to Make Orangeville Better.

Councillor Sylvia Bradley


Top court ‘independence’


In your lead editorial of 17 April, you complimented the Supreme Court for rejecting any limits on sentence reductions for time spent in jail awaiting trial.

When a person is found not guilty of a crime, after spending some time in pre-trial custody, no compensation is offered.  Why, then, should a guilty person benefit?

I respect the Supreme Court and the collective wisdom it imparts to the rest of us, but in this case they may have overlooked the one-sided treatment of the innocent.

Charles Hooker

East Garafraxa

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